Life is Fragile

I recently heard about some tragic losses a few of my acquaintances faced lately, and I came to realise how precious and delicate our lives are.

There are no convenient truths. No guarantees. No orders or set amounts of time our loved ones will be there for us. No promises that how we feel now will be how we feel tomorrow. No promise that the health and relative wealth we enjoy today will be with us the next morning. There is a haunting touch of fragility in every single one of our lives, and facing up to it can be terrifying.

Whether the loss of a loved one is personal or public, it serves as an intense reminder for each of us to stop, reflect, and take inventory of our priorities in life. I didn’t know the people who died in a plane crash a couple of months ago. Or the people currently dying from Covid all around the world. But my heart breaks for them. For all of them, and for everyone who knew and loved them.

However, these thoughts have left me with a conviction to make the most of my days. Every time I travel and visit new countries with my family, I take a moment to pause and reflect on how lucky I am to experience this adventure. To be able to enjoy my life that I get to live with my family. To have them by my side. To share my experiences with the three people I love the most in the world.

Facing up to the fact that we all have a temporary place in this world should be a reason good enough to start living our lives. Making time for the people we love. Making time for ourselves. Making time for our dreams and our goals. Never taking anything or anyone for granted.

I shudder to think about loosing someone I love. It reminds me of the immense vulnerability that life is made up of. But bearing in mind how unpredictable and short it is, let’s do everything we can to make it a fulfilling one – by believing in love, forgiveness, and gratitude for the people and things that matter.

-SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

237 thoughts on “Life is Fragile

  1. I understand you are a teen. When you reflect on life being fragile, indeed, enjoy life. But I ask of you and your teen friends to look at each other and contemplate on the fact that MANY boys of your young years went to war 80 years ago and did not come back. 🙂

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  2. Your thoughts of and about -/ LIFE IS FRAgile- is read by me just now.THE UNCERTAINTY OF FUTURE HAS DISTURBED YOU INVOKING SELF TO WRITE ABOUT IT.
    Well fear is about your uncertainty of tomorrow.It indicates your helpness.dont be show.Today has come from the womb of yesterday and tomorrow will come.You faced yesterday so you will face tomorrow.This process is continuing since your birth and be their till you exist.Good replace bad and this also goes on.Winter brings summer and night brings shinning Sun.Why worry or your worry will not change the coming bad news.
    I think of the past and analysis is made of mistakes I committed to or what mistakes I made to have enjoyed better.This is positive attitude,erase negativity.My blessings.

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  3. Yes Life is fragile and we should cherish it. Sorry it took so long to come back and check your blog. I got caught up with college. Well I’m in class right now and it got boring fortunately, ’cause now I can read all your writings😂

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  4. Guten Tag

    Als Kind war ich im Spiel
    in alltäglichen Dingen
    beheimatet in Angst
    und Schrecken

    von dem was die Alten
    deren Worte
    mich schlugen die
    beheimateten Recken

    Es war niemand da
    der mich der Angst befreite
    ich dachte mir
    dass es Wege geben muss
    der Befreiung

    Ich wollte Erwachsen werden
    es besser zu machen
    doch die Erinnerung sagt mir
    dass ich kein Glück brachte
    mir anderen
    die Verzweiflung

    Da waren Menschen
    wie Lichter und Sterne
    am dunklen Himmel
    sie leuchten noch immer
    in meine verlassene
    Kammer meiner Seele

    Wir konnten uns nicht
    umarmen nicht besitzen

    heute will ich die Last
    der Unvollkommenheit
    in meinem schwachen Herzen
    ertragen nicht missen

    Ich frage mich nicht mehr
    nach Glück und Segen
    der täglich Versuch
    mich bescheiden für
    das Bessere bemühen

    Herzliche Grüße
    Hans Gamma


    Good day

    As a kid I was in the game
    in everyday things
    at home in fear
    and horror

    of what the ancients
    their words
    they hit me
    domiciled stretching

    There was nobody there
    that freed me from fear
    I figured
    that there must be ways
    of liberation

    I wanted to grow up
    to do better
    but memory tells me
    that I brought no luck
    me others
    the despair

    There were people
    like lights and stars
    in the dark sky
    they are still glowing
    in my abandoned
    Chamber of my soul

    We couldn’t meet
    hug don’t own

    today i want the burden
    of imperfection
    in my weak heart
    do not endure miss

    I don’t ask myself anymore
    for happiness and blessings
    the daily trial
    me humble for
    strive for the better

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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  5. For someone outside looking in, this is beautiful. I have experienced lose on some many levels and this is true empathy and compassion for the process. I have a blog on this platform I started and abandoned 2 years ago for fear of exposing the vulnerable side of myself. The more I search and see posts like this, the more faith I have in myself to get my message out there!

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  6. 1st trite saying of 2022: enjoy every given moment
    2nd trite saying: don’t hesitate to humbly – yet aggressively – pursue your life’s ambitions
    All the best – CC


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