Ever lost a friend?

This is a poem I wrote while thinking about some of the friendships I made in my life, which as years went by, simply faded away. Perhaps something went wrong, or we simply grew our own separate ways…

When we were little
We would play
Never felt troubled
About what people had to say
When I wasn’t well
You would benevolently stay
And check every hour
To make sure I was okay
When I wanted to talk
You’d always be there
Happiness or despair
We would unabashedly share
I revere those times
More than you’ll ever know
I continually question
What made you go
Our treasured memories
Will forever be in my heart
And I’ll always wonder
Why life tore us apart

 -SaaniaSparkle πŸ§šπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

247 thoughts on “Ever lost a friend?

  1. I almost forgot your poem hit close to home. There are only a few friends I am in contact with. Some have pasted and other shared time and space only for a season. The reason is not clear.Friendships are very very important to me. As I have made many acquaintances in life and as few as a handful of true friends. So I cherish true friends and feel blessed for the time we were able to spend together.

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  2. This Mrs. Foley didn’t fool herself. It is true. But in my childhood, we moved from town to town (my fathers job…) and I lost friends, lost places an lost the feeling of beeing at home.
    I say, I’m envy, if somebody is saying: “there I played as a child, he was in my class, she was my neighbour…” – I know the words, but don’t know the feeling.


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