Fruits of Action

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin” – Tony Robbins

We all have dreams. We all have goals. But none of those come to us until we take action. If you’ve ever learnt how to bake a cupcake, or learnt a new language, or learnt to master a particular subject at school, you would have realised that achieving success entails you to go much beyond just reading. You can easily read a stack of self-help and guidance books, but they will only get you so far. To actually make a cupcake, you need to buy your ingredients, go to the kitchen, and get started! (Instead of flicking through the pages of the recipe book until the day is over🙈). The point is, procrastination and success were never friends…

People who have been successful generally believe that their skill was paramount. Others tend to believe that luck plays the major role. Whoever is right, there is always a power of action. You are more likely to attain your goals if you start to take action. Specially in today’s world, we all want to live a smooth and comfortable life but in reality, it doesn’t work that way. Taking action gets us out of our comfort zone in a way that brings us closer and closer to our goals. And while it is easier said than done, not taking any action towards our dreams results in deeper agony (I’m sure that all of us have experienced the feeling of regret at some point of our lives.)

Taking action also helps us develop new skills. For example, if you want to become an expert in a particular subject. The more you take action into studying it, the more skilled you become since you go into the depths of that subject.

Many people have the fear of failing (a serious fear of failure is actually known as atychiphobia!) and so they refuse to take action. But successful people realise that failure is a vital part of our learning process. And that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them and move forward.

So while taking action can be a painful process, its fruit is almost always sweet. On that note, let’s stop wishing and start doing!


-SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

Embracing Change

Having lived in many different countries, I have had to deal with change all my life. It does get scary. There is always something to lose and always something to let go.

But the harsh truth of life is that, nothing lasts forever. Keeping that in mind, we then need to learn how to accept this change.

“Accepting change is all about embracing the unknown” We never know where life is taking us, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by change. But to accept it, we need to learn how we can embrace it with the circumstances we are given. We can have certain expectations of how we’d like for things to turn out, but we can never really affix ourselves to that result. So if we lower our expectations we have from life, the easier it becomes to accept any change.

When things around us change, we also start to grow as a person. We see new things, we learn new things, and we gain knowledge and wisdom along the way. It often even forces us to adapt in ways we’ve never experienced before, which is a major driver of personal growth and development. What’s more, in my case, I have had the chance to meet so many different people and learn about so many different cultures from around the world. So this type of a change even makes you a very interesting person, with loads of stories to tell. (I’m not going to lie, it does give me bragging rights!🙈)

Change has also impelled me to face my fears. Life can put us at any situation at any time, and things like losing the people we love, losing the things we love, moving away from home, are really quite terrifying. But since we can never escape fear, we learn how to face it when we walk through change.

Lastly, the most important thing to remember, is to learn from the experience. Change can easily leave us distraught and miserable. But how can we accept it if we keep on dwelling on what could be? Let change teach you things you would never have learnt otherwise. You’ll later realise that the lessons you absorb from change are eminently profound. For example, over the years, change has taught me to be patient. Aristotle once said, “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” Time is never in our hands, and so we must have the patience to wait for what we want.

In a nutshell, the entire history of the world can be defined by continual change, evolution and development. Change is an integral part of life and existence, and so what we need to learn is how to gracefully embrace it.

Aside from that, wishing you a merry Christmas and a splendid New Year. Let’s strive through any change, and make the best of 2020! 🤗


-SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

What haven’t you taken the time to learn about?

It is a big world out there. A world that keeps on growing each day. With so much knowledge and amazing new discoveries, it is merely impossible that you know absolutely everything. So… what haven’t you taken the time to learn about?

Curiosity is the trait of a genius. Geniuses never stop questioning the world around them, they form questions and then search for answers in their minds. Because of the ceaseless and relentless questioning, their minds are always active. Just like a muscle gets stronger and stronger with exercise, our mind gets wiser and wiser with the continual mental exercise when we feed it with curiosity.

All of us spend around a third of our lives sleeping. And let’s admit it, we all love to sleep! Considering how much time we spend doing it, have we ever wondered where dreams come from?

Many of us love gazing at the night sky. But have we ever questioned the universe? Have we ever wondered, How are stars formed? Do all stars go supernova? What came before the Big Bang? What will happen if two galaxies collide?

Instead of accepting the world as it is, make it a habit to dig in deeper beneath the surface of what is around you by asking these intelligent questions. (Questions like What, why, when, who, where, and how are, quite surely, the best friends of curious people!). And these questions lead us to dive beneath the surface of common acceptance to unravel the details driving the process.

Mark Twain once said, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” Sounds weird, right?

But what we can actually bring out from this is that beyond the world of thick books and boring lessons, lies a world of wonder and curiosity. We often see learning as something boring. But if we see it as a burden, there’s no way we will want to dig deeper into anything we learn. A curious mind sees learning as fun, and so it will always have a natural inclination to ‘find out more’. So, never label anything as boring. If you are always opening doors to discover and learn more, it’s more than likely to bring excitement into your life.

Be open to challenges. Challenges are what curious people live for. Stretch the boundaries of your mind, and you will be surprised by how interesting this world is. It’s a pity if we don’t take the chances to expand our horizons, there is just so much out there to enrich our lives.

“Never stop learning, Because life never stops teaching.”

You are not only a student at school. You can learn all throughout your life if you start to see it that way. As Albert Einstein said, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” So, don’t learn because you have to, learn because you want to.

That being said, always be curious. Have a burning desire to know more than you do, and try to look for answers (sometimes there is no such thing as a right or wrong answer). Collect as much knowledge as you can, because you will never reach a point in life where there is nothing to learn and no knowledge to gain.

Always Question, Always Wonder

-SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

The Magic Of Spreading Love

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the downward spiral of negativity life brings us. Sometimes we need to think outside ourselves and take a grasp on the world around us. We often heard, from a very young age to ‘treat others how we wish to be treated’, and yet this golden rule is often forgotten as we grow up as human beings. Every person on this Earth has their own story, and we really never know what chapter of their lives they might be going through. What then becomes of the essence is to love each other, support each other, and spread love wherever we go. In a world where fear and negativity have taken such a consequential role, become someone who spreads light and positivity. This world needs kind people now more than ever, and kindness is not something that is laborious and demands a tremendous amount of hard work. It is simply learning how not to hurt others, judge others, bring others down, even when we may have a natural inclination in doing so. This inner glister only divulges once we raise our consciousness beyond fear, ego, and hatred. We connect with people by giving them some love, we relent the worry and fear from our minds, we spark some hope in the hearts of others, and most importantly- we get a feeling of internal contentment after doing it (Just petting a dog I cross by on the streets makes me so happy!). What’s more, kindness is said to have the domino effect. And what better world would there be than one where everybody learns to love each other?

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” — Desmond Tutu, South African cleric.

This post is published today for #WorldKindnessDay2019 💕 -SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

Life’s Real Treasures

We seek happiness
In the luxury that we see
When eternal contentment
Is a treasure so free

A venture in the woods
A walk by the beach
Pristine Mother Nature
With so much to teach

We can rush to the finish line
To claim that we’ve won
Or stop to smell the flowers
Before the journey is done

We can chase the big things
While life passes by
Or resurrect our childhood
Enough to lift us up high

We can seek happiness without
And get lost in ‘things’
Or stop for a deep breath
Realising it’s all within

We can bleat at life
And fall deep into its pit
Or watch the sun rise
And be glad that it did

-SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

Starry Sky

Enamoured I look up

At the starry sky

The twinkling embers

Send back a hi


A surreal blanket

Encircling my head

Deep into the galaxy

Don’t know where it led


Illuminating the darkness

By shining so bright

Flashing pinpricks

So far from sight


Beacons of hope

For all lost souls

Magical, awe inspiring

Can’t ask for more


Man fights man

Creates an ego wall

While this majestic sky

Radiates light for all


The joy it can bring

The pain it can heal

In the veil of darkness

Only a wonder to feel


Scattered moondust

In the tranquil sky

A warm goodnight

They wink to my eye