Weekend Trip to Cyprus!

“Scratch the soil anywhere in Cyprus and you’ll find traces of its magnificent past”.

This weekend, my family and I flew to Cyprus for my mom’s birthday get-away, a mystical paradise complete with stunning beaches, refreshing breeze, and mouth-watering food.

Cyprus enjoys almost 320 days of sunshine a year. Me coming from Seattle and my twin sister coming from London, we thoroughly enjoyed absorbing all the Vitamin D! 8 months of sunny weather sounds like a dream to me after the gloomy Seattle wintery rains.

The Amathus Ruins make up an archeological site with a history stretching back more than 3,000 years. Amathus was the most royal kingdom in Cyprus which was later destroyed due to the Arab invasion, but here we can see the crumbling remains of the agora (marketplace), a temple complex, and the city’s water system. Interestingly enough, the world’s largest stone vase was found in this site. It is now displayed in Le Louvre museum, Paris.

Cyprus is also home to the oldest manufactured wine in the world. The Guinness World Record claims that this wine traces its origins back to 2000 B.C. Fun Fact: in 1223, King Philip of France named it ‘The Apostle of Wines’, and it suddenly gained popularity all around Europe as ‘Commandaria’, the region of its production. I didn’t try it of course, but my parents did. It’s an amber coloured sweet dessert wine.

Cats of Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is said to have more cats than people! It is no wonder that every restaurant we went to had cats gawking at us while we ate our food. Legend has it that St. Helena brought an entire shipload of cats to the island as a solution to its serious snake problem. The snakes were supposed to be consumed by these cats. However, it appears that they loved Cyprus so much that they didn’t want to leave!

Some more clicks for you to enjoy 📸

Traditional Cypriot Meat Platter
Beach Day 🏖️

Marina Area

As always, voyaging the world helps me experience the unfamiliar and acquire new knowledge. The enchanting island of Cyprus had so much to offer, 100% recommended place to visit!

– SaaniaSparkle 🧚‍♀️

65 thoughts on “Weekend Trip to Cyprus!

  1. Wow, what a great blog post! I loved reading about your family’s trip to Cyprus. It sounds like an amazing place with so much history and beauty. Thank you for sharing your experiences and photos, they really added to the overall feel of the post.

    I was especially intrigued by the Amathus Ruins and the history of the island’s wine production. It’s always fascinating to learn about the cultural and historical significance of a place when traveling.

    I also found it amusing about the abundance of cats on the island. I’ve heard that cats are often considered good luck in different cultures, so it seems fitting that there are so many of them in Cyprus.

    Your recommendation to visit the island is definitely noted, and I hope to add it to my travel list in the future. Thank you again for sharing your travels and experiences, it was a great read!


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