Life’s Real Treasures

We seek happiness

In the luxury that we see

When eternal contentment

Is a treasure so free

A venture in the woods

A walk by the beach

Pristine Mother Nature

With so much to teach

We can rush to the finish line

To claim that we’ve won

Or stop to smell the flowers

Before the journey is done

We can chase the big things

While life passes by

Or resurrect our childhood

Enough to lift us up high

We can seek happiness without

And get lost in ‘things’

Or stop for a deep breath

Realising it’s all within

We can bleat at life

And fall deep into its pit

Or watch the sun rise

And be glad that it did



160 thoughts on “Life’s Real Treasures

  1. Love this!! Even reading it felt so good. Its is so true that happiness we seek is something that we already have inside. Several thoughts on gratitude, mindfulness and being so connected to our own selves may help us in realizing that there’s no need of chasing things in order to be content with life.

    It’s all inside, within our thoughts and how we choose to look at things! And yes it’s not just about the destination but more about the journey itself!

    Have a great day Saania 🤗❤️

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  2. Good post and a Good poem, my Dear Saania! Congratulations. While I agree with You that the things You have enumerated are Indeed Treasure, would not agree that ‘Everything is within us.’

    If We yearn for material goods, We can look to Nature, or within our Memories for Real Contentment. But Philosophy is Much More than that. …Take Lynchings!

    If Our blood does not get heated up by this, We are Not Human beings! …And the Answer(s) to this/these Cannot be supplied by Puny Human Mind.

    Only the Divine can do that. …The Divine IS in us, but We cannot ‘contain’ Him. So We have to look outside too!

    Love and Blessings. 🙂

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  3. Dear Saania, Imlove your poetry ….. reflects YOU …. simple in elegance and elegant in simplicity. Thank you for sharing your world with me. 🌎💚💎🌎💚💎🌎💚💎

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  4. My dear , highly esteemed, girl—sure hope you are okay out there! Thank you for all your gracious visits and likes….philosophy has its limits, but is there something we can do to help? Eploring the Socratic Method?


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