Make Others Feel Important

I was at my favourite vegan café relishing my chocolate brownie when I witnessed two friends talking. Let’s call them Sarah and Angel. Sarah kept speaking away about her life and her problems, ranging from how her schedule is too hectic at school to how her roommate is too loud, leaving Angel with no opportunity to speak.

Similarly, yesterday I was at a dance party and I met a guy who wouldn’t stop boasting about how his family always spoilt him with luxury so he could live an opulent life. People who speak like that somehow imply that they are above and the other person is below. So I despised every moment of the time we spent with each other.

Though, it was interesting for me to witness these situations because it made me understand what makes some people more attractive than others and what makes us enjoy someone’s company over another’s. Think about…

The person who includes you in conversations when they sense you’re feeling awkward. The person who asks you to text them when you reach home safely. And if you forget, they text you to make sure you’re okay. The person who wishes you Happy Birthday at midnight. The person who remembers the tiny details of something you casually said at a point. The person who gets back to you on a book you recommended. The person who is simply patient with you. What is the one thing these people have in common?: they make others feel important.

I know I love it when someone makes me and my opinions seem like they matter. So why shouldn’t I make someone else feel that way? My learning: Make people feel good. Make them feel special. It makes a difference.

⁃ SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

83 thoughts on “Make Others Feel Important

  1. You are absolutely right about doing what you can to make other people feel good. I’m always suspicious of people who think they have to tell you how good they are, rich they are, talented they are, etc. I’ve learned no matter how good you are at anything, when you are talking to a stranger, you should be humble. That stranger may know a whole lot more than you.

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  2. Well written,Saania. Though I do think it’s normal to go through passing periods of selfishness, and I have no judgement for that, there’s a special connection created with those who are genuine in their desire to connect and learn about you, listen to you, and/or remember what you said; they are genuine and want you to know what you mean to them. I don’t think you can fake caring for others in this way. I appreciate your post here.


  3. You are so wise, Saania. I love that you share your special perspective on life with us. Today I went to buy paint. The gentleman in front of me could only speak Spanish so I offered to Google Translate and use my minimal Spanish. His faced glowed with happiness and I felt kind. 💗💗💗

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  4. Bonjour SAANIA un petit passage par chez toi
    Agréable Journée
    A Toi qui marches sur la route de ta destinée ! Ce jour est comme un pas de plus que tu fais vers toi-même.
    Tire de ces prochaines 24 heures une leçon de vie, un enseignement de l’existence pour devenir le meilleur de Toi-même
    Bise amicale Bernard
    Avec beaucoup d’avance je te souhaite d’agréable fêtes de fin d’année en famille


  5. This screamed my own thoughts, Saniaa.
    reminded me of some people who are near and dear, some other far and apart. it is evident what matters the most. well written Saniaa.


  6. Weird post! Genuine interest and concern for other people is such a rarity. Perhaps it is right that if you do not feel it deep down, then at first you just do it as a rule of courtesy. they will become a part of you in the future, and you will begin to feel their need.


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