Why Well Being Matters

Nothing too deep for this week’s post, but something I feel like I need to let out regardless 🙂

I often have a series of flickering moments where I feel overwhelmed. So overwhelmed that my mind feels like it is in a million places all at once. Sometimes it feels like I can’t take it anymore. But that is when I remember, my well being is more important than anything else…

We all have mental health. It is how we feel from the inside. But with the constant ‘doing’ and going on and on with our lives without taking breaks, sometimes we forget that it is even there. And I have realised that I can’t do anything – whether it’s studying, being productive, working, talking to people – properly if my mind isn’t at the right place. The mind is the most powerful muscle in our body, so why be ashamed to talk about mental health?

Friday for me was super hectic with assignments and friends and quizzes one after the other to the point where I felt burnt out, needing a day to relax. So that is exactly what I did this Saturday!

Here are a few pictures and videos to help you relax if you, too, had a very busy week:

The Seattle Sunrise from my balcony 🌅
Mr. Rabbit said hello in my evening jog 🏃‍♀️
Raspberry Plants
A Walk in the Nature

What I keep telling myself is: when you feel better, you will do better.

⁃ SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

45 thoughts on “Why Well Being Matters

  1. “Forest Bathing” So Soothing Indeed SaaniaSparkle
    Such A Wonderful Way to Escape the Rigors of Work
    And School And Other Every Day Stressors That Do

    Literally Accumulate

    in Our Blood Streams

    As Nature is Our True

    Home Concrete Doesn’t

    Leave Much Comfort Compared

    to What is Living Green And Colorful

    Our Signs Deep Within For Abundance

    of Nature Providing Greater Subsistence

    Than Living in A Jungle of Abstract Constructs

    to Resolve So Far Away From Nature Naked

    Enough Whole Complete

    Leaves of Living Trees

    We Become FLoWeRS

    of Comfort More Colorful

    Feelings and Senses in Synergy For Real..:)

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  2. Sometimes, when all we feel is, chaos, we become, too unfocused, and, at this time, finding that calm through, music of whatever works to calm your noisy mind down, is the most important, because, as you find that peace within, then, nothing on the outside can, ever get that away, and, you will be able to, find that calm you’re in desperate need of, quicker, and quicker, with each and every time you find that peace, that calm from within, then, nothing on the outside can, get to you, again…

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  3. I totally agree with you here, Saania!! What an important post. Sometimes we all feel overwhelmed with everything going on in our lives and it’s okay to take a break. Nature walks always help me to relax and previously I used to do cycling too. Enjoying the little wonderful marvels of our nature is truly important and help us to feel better. I liked all the pictures here. They are so beautiful and truly provides tranquility to one’s mind! 🌠✨

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  4. Easy to forget we are “human being” not “human doing” yes, lets make a mark, find a purpose, but always maintain our roots to the earth and the Spirit that animates us … Your pics are a lovely reminder of this!

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  5. Mental health is very important! We all have times when we’re overwhelmed or at low points, but we can enjoy the good moments/days when they envelop us. I try to find something to smile about or laugh about every day and I’ve had great success with that outlook, even on my worst days. Chin up! You’re amazing!

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  6. It’s very important to try to manage stress. Some stress is a good thing, but as always, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. 🙂 I recently came through an intensely stressful situation (I now have telogen effluvium, a stress-induced hair loss that arrives three months after the stressful event is over – yay) and have had to spend some time recovering. Sometimes, extremely stressful situations can’t be avoided (true of my recent experience), but it’s important to have a repertoire of personal stress-reducing tools available, and the younger you start using them, the better. Cheers.

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    1. And here I was thinking that the getting-suddenly-worse thing my post-polio symptoms do forty eight hours after muscle strain had to be my imagination! Just when you think you should be getting better again, right? Thanks for your comment. 👌

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  7. My coworkers don’t believe in taking time for mental health so my frequent choice to do so is causing problems. But I don’t care!!

    I love all the images you shared – I’d love to be uo in Seattle right now!!

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  8. You’re absolutely right! So much of our physical and emotional well-being depends on choices…the decision to feel better and slowing down enough to get there . Good on you for realizing this. So many people three times your age still struggle with this.

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  9. Bonjour SAANIA
    Bientot la fin du mois et Novembre sera là
    Tiens de ce jour je t’ai composé une recette pour avoir une bonne journée, te dire bonjour
    Quelques Ingrédients : sourire, rires, bonne humeur, gaîté
    Cette préparation il suffit de bien mélanger tous les ingrédients en quantité égale et verser le contenu dans votre vie Mon résultat final : une merveilleuse journée, bise amicale Bernard

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  10. We only ever give out what we are…and most are in constant burnout. We only ever give out what we are. Do us, love us and we will give that very thing out. Saying no is one of the hardest things to learn…our fears bind us to it. Love the rabbit, nature will indeed help ‘let it go’ within. Be the rabbit 😀❤️🙏🏽

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  11. Your advice to yourself is 💯 “when I feel better I’ll do better.” I think this is true of almost all people. It’s sweet that you shared your vulnerability here. It helps us to relate to you. Being positive while also honoring our mental healths when we are struggling is so important. It’s good to acknowledge when we are struggling. The sunrise picture and the bunny made me smile. I’m glad that you make your blog into your “safe space” ♥️


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