Bittersweet Changes – Poetry

Happy Friday! Here is a poem I wrote that reflects my feelings around leaving the comfort of my family and friends behind. When we’re faced with big changes, overwhelming emotions stir up. But every fresh chapter holds the path to an invigorating, new, wonderful journey…

Bittersweet Changes

When I was little
I never quite planned
The puzzling path of life
Where in the world I stand

Never trembled with panic
When met with fear
My parents consoled me
Wiping off my tear

As I grow up and older
My emotions surge too
There are times I feel
Like I don’t know what to do

When I run into problems
I’m drowned in doubt
Like nothing will get better
As if there’s no way out

But as I leave my home
Looking up to the sky
I’m a bird set free
All ready to fly

With every ounce of courage
I step out the door
A world full of opportunities
I can’t wait to explore

When we’re faced with changes
Some are bittersweet
But when we learn to embrace
We shall grow gracefully

- SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

90 thoughts on “Bittersweet Changes – Poetry

  1. Dear Saania, I m impressed with your writing and I wish to read your book one day after you publish. So think about it and start planning from today. If u have already published any book do let me know the name. Keep inking

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  2. Beautiful poem … Very emotional thoughts .. I can relate with the feelings , thoroughly enjoyed reading it , moving away from our comfort zone is always though . All the very best to you spread your wings .. skies the limits

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  3. Bonjour SAAANIAce n’est qu’un petit passage

    Parfois on oublie de remercier les personnes qui rendent notre vie meilleure et plus heureuse.
    Parfois on oublie de leur dire qu’ils sont une partie importante dans notre vie.
    Aujourd’hui est un autre jour et je te remercie pour tout cela
    bise Amitié BERNARD


  4. Sometimes we need to go alone.
    But in the spirit, we never forgive them we love.
    We’re with us, on the road of the life.
    And push us to go front to the life too.
    It’s a path too, to find what and who we are.
    And be one day “Je” (in french).
    Pour être un jour comme eux,
    Et accompagner, peut-être, nos propres enfants,
    Sur les routes de la vie.

    Beautiful poem Saania…
    Miss G 😊


  5. Hey Saania what a beautiful poem u have written such emotional moments n feeling ❤️❤️👍👍now u r become a grown up girls 👍👏my best wishes n blessings always wd u keep writing keep shining bright love u।


  6. Bonjour Saania
    Le jour vient de se lever c ‘est l’heure du petit déjeuner
    L’occasion pour moi de te rappeler notre amitié
    Je voulais mettre un peu de sucre dans ton café
    En te souhaitant une bonne journée
    Le soir après ce petit écris pour toi
    Me rends heureux en pensant que tu es pu le lire
    Tu es un ami ou une amie merveilleuse
    Je te destine un petit bisou
    Ton ami BERNARD


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