Solo Trip to Turkey!

I visited Istanbul this weekend – an enchanting land of diversity, beauty, and a rich culture. Lucky for me, it is a welcoming city part of both Asia and Europe, offering some breathtaking views. In this post, I would love to share some pictures as well as my thoughts on venturing off alone!

While solo traveling, I learnt that we are strong enough to handle anything life throws our way. The biggest challenge for anyone entering a foreign world is the language barrier, so it was no surprise I struggled communicating with Turkish people when I wanted to buy something or get somewhere. However, an essential part of communication is in fact non verbal – the way our body and facial expressions work (how many of us here use emojis while texting? 🙋🏼‍♀️). So with a little help of Google Translate and some nods and amusing looks, I was actually able to get things done!

One of them involved taking a train to the ocean side, Eminönü

Discovering places alone also becomes a beautiful journey of self discovery. When I travel with my family, we all want to do different things (specially when it comes to food 🤦🏼‍♀️). When I travelled alone, however, I figured that I take great pleasure in trying new things and exploring local cultures. I loved starting my days off in Turkey with simit bread and some Turkish tea.

Cannot forget the Turkish Delight! 🍬

Lastly, solo travelling is magic to our well-being. Sometimes, there is nothing better than escaping our normal lives and friends for a bit. Getting lost in old town Balat, complete with colourful buildings and cute vintage cafés, I felt like no problem in life could ever get to me.

The (totally instagrammable) neighbourhood of Balat

Becoming “in charge” was a feeling so special and invigorating to me. Here are a couple more pictures to wrap this up…

Me reconsidering why I handed my phone to a stranger 📸
Taksim Mosque 🕌
Galata Tower

The best thing about solo travelling is that in a world of constant socialising and interacting, for once we get to find ourselves – and some journeys, like this one, can only be discovered alone!

– SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

75 thoughts on “Solo Trip to Turkey!

  1. Turkey is on our bucket list. It is such a lovely place and the stuff of dreams. Istanbul has such a lovely ambience, almost out of a fairy tale.


  2. Saania so far I got to know that you write well, but my dear you are a fantastic photographer… do let me know which camera you used for such fabulous capture. Through your post you made each one us visit Turkey a destination worth visiting.


  3. It looks like you enjoyed a lot. You clicked so many beautiful pictures and hope you have captured lots of amazing memories too. Thanks for sharing this article. I’m seeing Turkey from your eyes.


  4. I can’t hide my happiness seeing travel blogs again! We’re really getting back and it’s lovely to know that we can explore and see much of this world have to offer once again! Your trip was amazing! Turkey is a place I’d love to visit one day too! That big sesame donut bread like you’ve got there reminds me of our trip to Greece though. haha…We bought some of them on the sidewalks going to Acropolis! Yum!

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    1. I believe that everyone should go for the solo trip atleast once. It is the best way to spend time with ourselves. Thank you for sharing pictures and giving us a virtual tour. 😂😛


  5. Turkey is a beautiful place to visit. I have personally not done much of solo trips however,I can say whatever little I agree that solo trips is discovering yourself along with discovering a new place

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  6. Sounds as though you had a great trip Saania. Brave of you to travel there alone but what a learning experience. I stayed in Istanbul, close to Taksim Square, in 2010 for a week and really loved it. A wonderful city.


  7. You’ re so Brave, Saania! Travelling alone have some adventages, but be careful being a Young woman in some muslim countries. However, when I visited Istambul, It seemed to me safe for tourists, that’ s a developed Big city.


  8. You can’t always take selfies! Better to have someone take a few pics of you to get a better idea of what is around you. Sounds like you do well traveling by yourself. Going with others can be fun but going alone you are on your own time schedule.


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