Our Sense of Belonging

In social psychology, the need to belong is linked to being socially accepted. The need for love and belonging even lie at the center of the Maslow’s Hierarchy as part of social needs. This is why many psychologists today curiously study the concept of “groups”.

All of us enjoy being a part of something – a community of people who understand us, include us, and accept us. And it’s interesting because nearly all human activities like working, playing, and learning occur in groups.

I know whenever I was a new kid at school, I loved connecting with other new kids joining in that year. At my most recent high school, we formed a lovely group sharing that one thing in common. Being a new kid can be an isolating and lonely endeavour. “Am I the only one who feels this way?” Finding myself in the company of others wrestling through pools of similar questions I remember felt extremely relieving. Groups in this sense remind us that we aren’t alone.

The WordPress community also brings together people who express emotions, have stories to tell, or insights to share. I feel motivated when I know there are others who care about my progress as a writer. Every time I publish a post, it is generally a gratifying experience because of the comments and feedback I receive that help me improve. Networking within communities hence guides us towards achieving our goals, and the more we socialise and participate in activities with others, the more we gain confidence in our abilities.

Sometimes however, we naturally become a part of certain groups. For instance, in the larger world, socially constructed identities form – race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious groups, etc. In these cases, they can often form the basis of discrimination, comparisons, and conflicts with other groups. A group that an individual identifies with becomes an in-group, and everyone outside the in-group becomes the out-group. I watched the movie “Get Out” one day which reinforces the psychological struggles of a black man, Chris, as the white family of his girlfriend forms an in-group bias.

But let’s say a football team, a baking club, a work group, a yoga class. Which such groups have you joined by choice? And in what ways have you benefited from belonging to this certain social group? Let me know in the comments!

⁃ SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

84 thoughts on “Our Sense of Belonging

  1. As they say, no man is an island. We all need and want a sense of belonging. The tricky part nowadays though is others trying to be in a group just so they would feel or think that they belong in it. We must always keep in mind that belonging into something must not only be what others think and see from us but what we feel in the inside.

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    1. I loved your post and it reminds me of my initial blogging days. I can feel the excitement that you experience when people engage with your post.


  2. Sania l’appartenenza che viene per prima è essere parte di un’umanità viandante ospite della Terra … La fratellanza no alla guerra si al rispetto di tutti …
    Essere fedeli a se stessi senza rigidità che in vita possiamo cambiare idea .
    Lasciare beni cose materiali può essere utile ma non basta .
    Vorrei essere come tutti un albero che cresce in armonia tra radici fusto e chioma .
    Non importa se non brilliamo per questo esistono le stelle
    Ci sono “orme” più importanti
    che non vorrei si logorassero mai . ..
    Buona giornata ☮️


  3. Humans are inherently social. The sense of belonging is very important for humans, and that is the reason why groups, communities, and nations are formed.

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  4. The need to belong is a natural need of all living things. It manifests in different ways, but the goal is always the same: to find a place where we feel we fit in and are accepted. The only thing we need to be careful of is not to get abused while we try to fit in.

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  5. What we target for is acceptance. Whereever we find ourselves accepted the way we are we experience an emotional satisfaction. It help us to realize that we are in a like-minded group. The moment we feel no we are different from them don’t feel low or stressed as all cannot be like us and nor we can be like them. Just learn new things from different groups u r part of and one day you will find that you have something or the other common with every group you meet. Life will be look better and brighter

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  6. I loved your post and it reminds me of my initial blogging days. I can feel the excitement that you experience when people engage with your post.

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  7. If one is comfortable with oneself others of like mind will be drawn to him/her. If one tries too hard that pushes others away for concern over an uncertainty of motive.
    Jerry Lewis in the “Nutty Professor” said: “You might as well be happy with yourself because you have to live with you the rest of your life.”
    When we seek to be accepted there is always the chance of being rejected. But the fear of being alone is but a fallacy. For no one is without friends who is himself.
    Christ, Himself, was not alone on that cross. Although, He uttered the words; “Father, why have you forsaken me?” As He bore the sins and suffering of mankind from past, present and yet to come, He, too experienced the isolation of the atheist. And they, as we, were most with Him then.


  8. I work in Corporate and definitely know the importance of networking. We usually do team bonding activities and socialise over special occasions, helps alot to set common goals and work on them ❤️

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  9. What a lovely post, Saania. I love that you are interested in philosophy and writing. Hold on to both of those for a lifetime of making life more interesting and fulfilling. I disagree with Senator Gore’s quote, “If there was any race other than the human race, I’d join it.” I think how blessed we are to be part of a race that thinks and is guided by our thinking and the thoughts of others. Thanks for checking into my blog again, It’s lovely to have you.

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  10. Socialising is much essential as it can help to get better day by day and sometimes it affects to our mental health. I so agree with you. Loved reading about an important topic which usually ignores to discuss 😍😍

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  11. Saania this is so refreshing to read as a person who avoids, human interaction I now realize that I have a lot to look into. Maybe I might be missing out on experiences I need to have for growth.


  12. Saania, you have written an excellent post. As each of us moves forward with our own unique life journey, we will encounter different avenues of belonging to various groups. So much of life revolves around relationships.


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