Birthday Poem for a Friend

I wrote this poem for one of my loveliest friends, Gabriella. A little bit of background: it is also our last few days of high school before we all head off to universities and start new chapters of our lives 🤧

Happy Birthday Gabriella!

I want to thank you 
For everything you’ve done
From always being there 
To all the laughter and fun 

I’ve moved around countries 
To worlds that were new
It was indeed very rare 
To have found a friend like you 

You’re smart and selfless
Exceptional the way you are 
I revere all that you do 
And know you’ll go far 

I’ll miss you immensely 
These coming days 
But our friendship will hold 
Even in parting ways

Because friends are blessings 
That change our life 
I’ll never forget the difference 
You’ve made to mine 

- SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

Comment down below – do you think she will like it? 🥳

76 thoughts on “Birthday Poem for a Friend

  1. Your friend will certainly like it because the words come from the depths of your heart in the way it sounds to anyone who would read it. So you are graduating out of school and moving on to higher academic spaces..! My well wishes…

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  2. Bonjour SAANIA
    Mon ami amie

    Malgré la distance tu es celle ou celui qui me comprends quand je suis triste
    Tu es celle ou celui qui me réconforte dans ces moments là
    Toi seule ou seul sait me redonner le sourire qu’il se doit
    Comme si tu étais à mes cotés à ces instants précis
    Je vous souhaite une belle semaine et une mention particulière pour la fête des mères aux mamans

    Bonne fêtes des mères pour ce 29 mai à venir
    Bise Amitié Bernard A tous mes amis Amies Soyez Heureux


  3. It’s been some time since I visited your blog; wonderfully done, Saania! 💖
    I bet Gabriella was in pure awe of this piece.
    Much Love
    (Hope to visit more often.)


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