Healthy Life

I remember how, a couple of years ago, I used to eat one Cadbury dairy milk bubbly and drink one sugary mixed berry Lipton iced tea every single day at my school’s tuck shop. Every lunch break, the comforting sweet aroma of the tuck shop would cave me in. I didn’t care. It was my way to feel good and get momentary pleasure.

However, now that I’m more aware, even though I indulge in a delicious chocolate Oreo milkshake every once in a while, in the long-term I realise the importance of living healthy. Just like we can keep our minds healthy by positive thinking, our bodies need the same amount of respect, and when we let ourselves go, we are not respecting ourselves. Recently, I have been taking care of my health and I see the difference it has made to my body and my mind. I no longer hit the gym feeling like it is a “task”. Instead, when I exercise, I feel happy, confident, capable. And when I eat healthy, I feel clean, refreshed, and so so good about myself.

I also figured it out from direct experience, how beneficial stretching, yoga, and meditation are for living a healthy life. They help our bodies as well as our minds (something we all need help with 😅). Each time, I feel a little more grounded, a little more spacious.

What we choose to feed our bodies, whether it’s food or thoughts, determine how our bodies respond. And I think our bodies deserve the best and it’s always on our hands to take the first step of healthy habits. After all, a healthy outside can only begin from a healthy inside, no?

⁃ SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

84 thoughts on “Healthy Life

  1. I completely agree! I feel like I have always been quite good with my eating habits (though I definitely have a sweet tooth), but definitely need improving the rest. I especially want to try meditation!


  2. Notre amitié est précieuse
    Car elle me rend heureux
    Tu es mon meilleur(e) ami(e)
    Car tu es ici
    Tu m’as tendu la main
    Par tes écris tes mots
    Tu as renversé mon destin
    Sans toi je ne suis rien
    Et avec toi je suis si bien
    Cela me fais toujours plaisir de te laisser un petit mot
    Ou une image
    A toi mon ami(e) belle journée bise


  3. Couldn’t be more true. I’ve just stopped smoking and after a rough couple of weeks (like really rough), I literally can’t explain how much better I feel both physically and mentally.

    What goes into your body, can really mean the difference between feeling good and feeling – not clean, as you’ve said.

    Great post!


  4. Nice writing. Few years back, I spend one year in an office where I had no friends. All my free times I used to eat chocolates from vending machine in office and I gained lot of weight. And now started looking into healthy habits.


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