Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Almost-Weekend!

One day could never be enough to honour how special my dad is to me, but here is a poem I wrote for his 45th birthday:

You are the one
Who inspires me everyday
With countless number of things
In every possible way

You are a true genius
So sophisticated and wise
Empathetic and warm
With invaluable advice

The love people have for you
Along with the respect
I always ask myself
What makes you this perfect

Your intellectual charm
That hits everyone you meet
Your ability to leave a spark
With every room you leave

You shine with pride
After everything I do
I will never feel alone
Because I know I have you

When I lose all hope
Feeling sad and down
You are always there
To hear me out

Thank you for being
The number one dad
Better than any hero
Even super man!

⁃ SaaniaSparkle πŸ§šπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

117 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad

  1. Saania your comments on the birthday of your Papa,Whois my Son,Is really based on facts wrapped in emotions and highest grade of love.He is entitled and lucky to get the love of his lovely daughter.It is also a reflection on my upbringing of my children.
    You are good as usual with your pen and thoughts.I salute you and Diza both for standing as a unique gift to your Parents and us.Thank you both.

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  2. This poem couldn’t have been said any better as I see it. Do we have the same Dad, it sure sounds like it; but that would be impossible by the finite facts in front of our eyes! Then again perhaps it’s all about the source, that they derive such high ethical and spiritual qualities from, which make them so alike; therefore ultimately, they and all of us have the same Father! These qualities our Dad’s display in their thoughts and actions are based on genuine infinite love!

    This has to be the best Happy Birthday Poem to a Father that I’ve ever read, and just in time for the Grandest Birthday Ever; coming up this week!

    Have a great birthday month with Dad, family and God. Amen.
    Merry Christmas!


  3. That was kind of you. My stepdad mostly raised me, a patient and good man who looks after my mother regardless of her situation. My biological dad is mentally ill and seems to be having trouble cognitively here and there. He likes to call me and brag about hunting mountain lions with a sword or pocket knife, how tough he is on the streets. He also talks to me about inappropriate things. I’ve been in group homes myself (it’s genetic but worse on males in my family), and that’s usually a sign of mental decline as bad judgment takes over. I’ve noticed it over the past couple of years. He has the most random luck, so maybe he’ll make it through. Most of the family hates him and no one cares much what happens to him. I’ve tried to get him help but it’s impossible. 😦


  4. Hello Saania. Thought I’d check your work/fun out after seeing you’d read and like my blog posts. Well, wow! I love the design of this whole blog and I really like your style of expression. Very humble. Happy birthday belatedly for your Dad’s birthday and bets wishes to him πŸ™‚ I look forward to reading the new work you put out here, now…


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