The Power of Self Belief

Theodore Roosevelt famously said, “believe you can and you’re halfway there”.

Self confidence is all about trusting our abilities and believing that we can do what we set our minds to. I’d say I am quite an ambitious person and am grateful for all my achievements – big or small. However, self-belief is also about thinking that our ideas, feelings, and opinions have worth. Here, I find that I often lack belief in my intelligence and always seem to worry about receiving validation and encouragement from other people.

A couple of days ago at school, in English class, we were talking about current global issues. And my teacher said how veganism is the next “global issue” and how it is completely pointless and stupid. This man had zero respect for people like me who are trying to make a lifestyle change – even though I’m not entirely vegan, I hold an incredible amount of respect for people who are. I think it wasn’t okay for him to be so disrespectful, leaving love and ethics aside. I believe that animal agriculture is having a huge impact on our planet and no teacher should shame someone’s lifestyle like that for whatever reasons they may hold. All day after, I kept wondering why I couldn’t take a stand and voice my opinion. And one of the biggest reasons is that I was in a class full of non-vegetarians who would most certainly attack me if I said anything.

Believing in ourselves affects everything we do. And like everything else in life, it all starts with our mindset – the conversations we have with ourselves and the messages we choose to believe in. If we are not confident enough, we will break like a twig the first time we are placed in an uncomfortable situation. But here’s the truth – there will always be several obstacles that will cast doubt on our competences. The only way to get through them is to believe in ourselves. This self-assurance stems from within, when you find your inner strength and take the leap when you need to. I only wish I had!

⁃ SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

101 thoughts on “The Power of Self Belief

  1. This is so true, self belief is important. What I find most amazing about your post is that at your age you realize why you did not speak up. Most people struggle with this, I did for a long time until I got older and my confidence in myself grew. Great post. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. So sad that your teacher is so disrespectful of varying views. This is a serious problem in schools, and especially colleges, where if one does not toe the administrative line, you can either be ostracized, expelled or fired if you’re staff or faculty. Even when another’s view is rooted in superstition or utterly foolish, one should consider how they came to that view and patiently lead them to truth, not bash them. Perhaps you can help gently “educate” your teacher with your self-confidence; challenging, but you are an unusual 16 year old.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  3. I used to berate myself for not speaking up or standing my ground as well. Pat yourself on the back after reminding your self that there is, as the adage goes, ‘a time and a place for everything’ and also to choose your battles with wisdom, and, as you pointed out, you would have been outnumbered by the carnivores in the classroom. Please be assured, there will be other times and opportunities to air your views. Good luck!

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  4. Saania,happy to read your new article dated 30thNov.You always write on topics relating to human issues and beliefs.It appears as a lecturer giving the details and reasons for issues effective for human as an individual to guide and conclude.
    Self-believe is the core requirement for a person to live within the society on the basis of his mental thinking.There is other options to him to follow others blindly and keep his mind in rest or having no mental faculty to reasoning and decide.The persons of strong will and analytically brain can ponder and have self confidence.
    To cut short the issue one can look Mahatma Gandhi whose self believe never became weak in spite of all odds.His self belief was so strong that through his struggle we got the freedom.
    My compliments to you.

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  5. Dearest. Saania.
    I have gone through your blog self believe. I think it is very important to develop self believe. In this world and life we have to face so many things but this self confidence and self believe gives one strength. And power to stand firmly but yes every time and everywhere. We can’t Argue. Saania I know you are very competant. And have broad out look but we have control over our self only so live in this life mind fully and in a good way rest. Will be fine itself. May you always be blessed Dadi sudha

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  6. Excellent post Saania – stick to your guns as you are doing and keep telling yourself “It’s not me that’s crazy it’s all the others!!”

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  7. Saania, your honesty with your inner self will lead you through many trials and challenges. I am a former educator with 40 years of classroom teaching. As teachers, it is vital to nurture basic values in our students, without sharing our opinions. Blessings to the rest of your school year.

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  8. Teachers should present as many views as they possibly can without their personal bias. It is then up to the students to present their personal views and be respectful about doing so as well as those listening to be respectful and the teacher is there to moderate and keep everyone respectful so all can learn. And that is why one goes to school is for the knowledge gained and then students can make informed decisions about subjects.

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  9. A teacher should never shame a student. It not only hurts the student at the time, but it also sets an example for the other students. “If a person in authority can belittle someone, why can’t I?” And thus, another bully is born!

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  10. Very well articulated Saania 👍 Self confidence comes from right preparation backed by strength of knowledge and will to fight. ( I am still struggling in that department 😉😁)

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  11. Hi Saania! Thanks for commenting on the post from my blog, God’s Not Through With Me Yet, and here’s the URL for it, I really appreciate it. I decided to check out your blog, and I really like what you’re doing here!. You’re a very good writer, and for someone who’s only 16 years old, you’re quite perceptive.

    I like what you’ve said in this post, but I think if you had spoken up and challenged that professor on his ridiculous views, that there would have been other closet vegans in the class. I’ll bet you aren’t the only person in that class who’s a vegan!

    I know how hard it is to believe in yourself, because it’s always been a struggle for me too. But God is helping me to overcome those fears, and I’m getting much better at it. We are all a work in progress!

    There’s a Scripture verse in the Book of Ephesians, that says we are God’s masterpiece,

    “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” ~ Ephesians 2:10, NLT.

    If you think about it, a masterpiece takes a while to get it to the point that it’s perfect enough to be called a masterpiece. Sometimes it takes a lifetime.

    Just some things for you to think about. I hope they’ve helped!


  12. Well said, Saania! What you say about self-confidence and self-belief is bang on but the trouble is that most of us are found wanting in this crucial area because of a whole host of reasons. But we must work towards this laudable goal!

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  14. Credere in se stessi è fondamentale, ma non facile.
    La sicurezza si acquista con gli anni, le esperienze, la conoscenza didattica, l’incontro con le persone, con le diverse culture…Credere in se stesi è un grande lavoro, se ci si riesce è una vittoria che aiuta ad affrontare la vita.
    Io ci ho messo un po a credere in me, dopo l’adolescenza e l’approccio al lavoro è iniziato questo lavoro, oggi posso dire di essere davvero soddisfatta.
    Per quanto riguarda il professore credo che la sua condotta sia decretabile, lui dovrebbe essere super partis, le sue convenzioni personali non possono essere portate all’interno della scuola oppure dovrebbe avere la forza di mantenere il rispetto per ogni forma di idea.


  15. You were right to hold your tongue, Saania. Anything you said was unlikely to change anyone’s mind. Speaking one to one with the teacher after class makes more sense. Regardless of his personal feelings, being so verbally judgmental is not a “teacherly” thing to do. Trust me. I’m a teacher.

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  16. Confidence is “I’ll be fine if they don’t”. Great line! I love that you are considering the vegan direction. I’ve been happily began for 9 years. It’s done me nothing but good.

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  17. That’s such an incredibly callous, targeted statement right there. Go, you! This relates to the Pygmalion Effect really: positive thoughts/expectations breed positive results.


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