The Beauty of Traveling

After a stressful period of school and work, we all needed an escape. My family and I have always been spontaneous when it comes to traveling. This time, we flew off to Serbia and Albania, and I am beyond grateful for this lovely trip. (Scroll down to see some pictures of me and the place!) But generally speaking, here are some things I adore about traveling…

Traveling is one of the best things we can possibly do for our mental health every now and then. After studying or working for days and months, we all deserve a break to disconnect and recharge. For me, visiting a foreign place away from the things I am used to and see every single day definitely helps me unwind and puts my mind in the right mental state.

Traveling also exposes me to new things. When we travel, we step outside our comfort zones, for one thing. When you meet someone new, whether it’s in another town nearby or in a city halfway around the world, they are also meeting you. And just as you become exposed to new foods, cultures, languages, traditions, and so on and so forth, they also get a taste of yours. It’s a beautiful process of connecting and exchanging. When I was in Belgrade (Serbia), we had lunch with a Serbian guy who enlightened us with some really fascinating things about Serbia, and even recited to me the Serbian alphabets, haha! Talking to strangers and getting a taste of new cultures (and foods!) is an incredible thing that stretches the boundaries of our minds as we explore the things we never knew about. I now know that the word “Vampire” is actually Serbian. And Tirana, the capital of Albania, is one of the only capitals without a McDonalds!

Lastly, traveling indeed is the best form of education that could never be learnt by watching TV or by reading any school textbook. Almost every one of us would agree that life’s real education happens outside our walls. Traveling teaches us history, economy, geography, sociology and so many different things. Bookish knowledge teaches us theoretical concepts worth knowing. However, traveling helps us gather a deeper wisdom as we comprehend real life experiences and knowledge, and discover different ways of understanding life – ways that help us uncover the truth about the nuances of this world.

That being said, tell me in the comments below: what is your favorite thing about traveling?

The Countryside
Me trying to be a Princess at Downtown Novi Sad, Serbia!
The Beach of Vlorë, Albania
The Albanian Riviera

⁃ SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

124 thoughts on “The Beauty of Traveling

  1. And the beauty of traveling is that one need not travel far to have a great experience and a good time. Even traveling to nearby cities bring all the perks you mentioned.
    Beautiful pictures Saania! Glad you had an amazing time.

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  2. Unusual destinations, so good to see the photos, and to know you had a good trip, Saania. My foreign travel days are over now, but I used to love seeing the history and culture of different countries.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Another outstanding post by a truly outstanding individual. Each post
    seems to out do the last and this one is no exception. Excellent photography
    and a great article leaves readers with very favorable impressions of travel,
    especially alone! No one to spoil your decision to sleep in or get up early.
    Keep them coming Saania!

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  4. Travel is education and exploring new culture in meeting people. I remember during my Dubai lay over shared table with three people from different countries, how we hit it off. It helps us to rediscover a new us. I really want to travel and explore Europe, Arab world and what’s not once the pandemic is over 🙂

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  5. Traveling is the best teacher indeed, we see new sites, cultures and learn so much while enjoying ourselves. I love to meet new people to listen to their stories about their country or town. It is a win win thing! Glad you could get out to travel, the pictures look great!

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  6. Beaux voyages !!!
    Une chance énorme de le faire ^^
    Ce qui me plaît dans les voyages ?
    Le temps du voyage en lui-même, les lieux qu’on traverse et les rencontres que l’on réalise durant ce temps.
    Parfois plus important que la destination elle-même…
    Profite de ces moments là. Ils te seront souvenirs de Vie inoubliables.

    Miss G ^^


  7. You make a beautiful princess, Saania ❤
    I haven't traveled far and wide like you have (amazing for your age!) but the main thing I like when we do go is seeing the changing landscape. It's amazing to me how varied this world is. I'm glad you had a nice away time!

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  8. Travel gives a fresh experience to our senses – eyes view a new scenery, ears hears new ambient sound like chirping of birds or rustling of leaves etc. Just as we take fresh food everyday, our brain takes in fresh pleasing experience through travel, after a brain’s day (lit. period) of work.

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  10. I agree completely with this! We all need a little breather, I for sure get really stressed out and burnt out if I don’t travel and get away for a little bit! Beautiful photography by the way!

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