Everything in life has something to teach

Do you ever feel hesitant in forming new friendships? No one gets to know the real you? How could they? They’d never get it. And what’s the point? Because everyone who enters your life leaves in the end anyway…

Friendships are one of the most important pillars in our life. They form our support system – a beautiful sanctuary where we can share good times and bad times, and feel loved and understood. A place where we feel like we are accepted and appreciated.

Or at least they should feel like that.

If you are someone like me, however, who has questioned the questions above, I often think to myself: why do some people come into my life when they are going to leave anyway? It’s a heart wrenching feeling. It makes me feel like anyone who comes too close will most probably abandon me one day. Very soon. So why get my hopes up in the first place? Over time, though, a bitter truth I learnt is that not everyone who comes into my life is meant to stay in it forever. Some friendships naturally grow apart, and that’s life for us.

One thing this taught me is how to appreciate love even more. Once we learn that relationships may be temporary, we start to appreciate the people around us more, we want to let them know how we feel, and how much we care about them while we still have the chance to. I realised the importance of making memories worth remembering with every friend I make in my life.

When people leave or friendships fade (emotionally or physically), we shouldn’t delve into it, but rather into the lessons they teach us. Unless you’re doing something seriously wrong that pushes the people you love away (which is a separate discussion for some other time), you must remember that this happens not because you aren’t worthy of lovely friends or because you don’t deserve to have good things in life, it’s because everything in life is unpredictable and so are people. It is good to have people in your life. It is better when they make the choice of sticking with you in rain and shine. However, when the time comes and they decide to go, don’t beg them to stay. Being sad about it will be the human thing to do, but in the end, above all things, be grateful for the lessons they taught and brought into your life. They were once everything you ever wanted. They were once your happiness. Don’t allow them to be the reason you start to look down on yourself – someone you will always have no matter what.

Be of good cheer…because everything happens for a reason.

⁃ SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

147 thoughts on “Everything in life has something to teach

  1. I think what a person needs to start a certain friendship is not to expect too much and not to doubt the other intentions as well. As it’s said: Do not sail too much in people’s intentions, cause you are the one who will drown.
    In the end, whatever the result that this friendship will bring, you will be able to accept it, as it will often be one of two things, a lesson you will not forget which is what the subject is talking about, or a loyal friend that you’ll be happy with his presence.

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  2. I believe everyone who comes into our lives is sent for a purpose. Some remain for a long time and others are with us just briefly. Those friendships that are worth keeping stay with us even after that person has passed on.

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  3. SS, wonderful thoughts about time. space, and friendships within.

    Friendships are like flowers. They grow until they die.
    All one has is the present moment …….. THAT is all that IS.
    So make the best of it.

    Don’t be foolish and waste your time holding on to what has to change.
    Go with it, freely.

    Even a rat has lessons to teach.


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  4. Hi. Saania. True. Friends. Are a Jwell. Money. Cant. Bye friends. A friend. Sincere one. Makes you very. Special. But to get a true friend. And then maintain this friendship Is. A art. It’s a give and take. Relationship. I am very lucky to have one very sincere friend in my life her name is manju we are friends since 45 years I think. A good friend is A best gift in this life you ca share you can Face all deficulties. Of life If you get a friend try to do everything for her Saania. One can maintain relationships friendship. But first. Leave your ego. Cultivate live respect for your true friend pay gratitude that god. Has given such a nice gift to you only I give first priority. In life to my friend she also. Feels that I am the best So maintain. Friendship. Till end of you get it oblige for it. My blessings to you is life me friendship. Se pyara. Koi. Rishta. Nahi. It makes your life heaven.

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  5. People move away, friends change jobs or your interests diverge. You can’t keep up and nurture all your friendships, just remember the good times. But in many years time you may be surprised that friends reappear.

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  6. As alays, you are mature beyond your years. I don’t find it easy to make new friends now, and I am 69 years old. So what I do is to make sure to keep in touch with the old and valued friends from my youth. We grew old together, experienced love and loss together, and that way we came to fully understand each other.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  7. Great post. I believe in divine connections and that people are placed in our life for a reason. Some people are in our life for a season and some for a lifetime. Whichever, we should cherish the time we have with them.

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  8. The proof of a good friendship for me is even though it has been a long time since I last saw my friend, when I see them again there is joy in seeing each other. In my faith I often think about how Jesus said, “I no longer call you servants. I call you friends.”

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  9. Everyone in our lives has the ability to teach us something: whether it’s how to love or how NOT to turn out, there’s always a lesson in everything.
    I am like you, by the way. I test and retest all the people around me. Once I even upped my walls and added a thicker layer of plaster, promising myself never to let anyone else in without my own permission. Only then I turned around and met a very special friend – my walls had been useless against her. So I gave up, lowered them so I can see over them, letting more people in, but standing my guard. And taking notes, so that all the lessons that come by don’t go to waste 😉

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  10. People do come and go in and out of my life. I also have friends who have been close friends for more than 50 years and we don’t even live in the same country. Your words have good wisdom about friends and friendships.

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    1. Dear Lilly & Jane ( Grace & Frankie ) 8-11-19
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  11. As an Army child this is something I’ve thought about a lot. Sometimes it’s surprising who I’ve keep in touch with and who I’ve grown out of contact with. Your post brings a lot of good perspective. Thank you for sharing on such a vulnerable topic.

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  12. If in the twilight of memory we should
    meet once more, we shall speak again to-
    gether and you shall sing to me a deeper
    And if our hands should meet in another
    dream we shall build another tower in the
    sky – Khalil Gibran – The Prophet

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  13. very well put. I always love reading your posts – they always make me feel like I’m not alone. thank you so much for this! all my friends are on holiday or busy right now so I felt like I was drifting apart from them. I read this and straight after one of my friends I haven’t contacted in a while texted me. thank you so much. ❤️😘

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  14. Very powerfull and beautiful text.
    Right on the soul.
    “C’est la Vie”
    Tu as su très bien résumer ce qu’est l’amitié ou l’amour,
    Quelque chose de grand, qui reste parfois toute la vie ou juste quelques temps.
    Mais à vivre intensément.
    Car c’est une chance de découvrir les autres personnes, leur vie, leurs espoirs.
    Ce qui fait la richesse d’une vie.
    Echanger avec l’autre, et découvrir la beauté de ce monde.
    Bravo Saania !!!
    Miss G admirative

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  15. OH yes this has happpened to me often. I live in a RV park and meet friends that come and go in my life but sometimes I give them my number but they dont really even want to talk. I try to enjoy my time with them and just have fun. One of the most important things to remember is that no matter how many friends that come and go, God will always be there for you no matter what and he will never leave. -Sawyer

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  16. Great post Saania!
    As my Mom says, “Some friendships are for a season, some are for reason, and some are for life.”
    Which I find to prove true and so I agree with you there, girly!
    -kaelyn 😛

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  17. Presto la vita mi ha insegnato che siamo di passaggio, quindi non ho mai pensato che tutti quelli che avrei potuto incontrare sarebbero rimasti per sempre con me. molti ci sono stati a lungo, altri brevemente, ma chi ci ama veramente e chi amiamo veramente non va mai via, neanche se vive fisicamente lontano.
    Parlando di amicizie ti dico che le mie “vere” amiche e “veri amici” lo sono da ormai 40 anni e non ci siamo mai lasciati, l’amicizia più recente dura ormai da 20 anni….E’ bello avere intorno l’armonia.

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  18. Hi. Saania. I think some people put so much more into friendships than others. I accept friendships and have many, some of whom have remained with me over the years. Some have dropped away, but like you say, it’s good to hold them along with good thoughts in your heart. I would love to be that friend who gives more than is called for. My husband is a bit like that, then he is bitter if he thinks someone let him down or deserted him. There is danger in giving too much of yourself, I guess. Your post is lovely. Hard to believe you are only 16. 🙂

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  19. Very well written. I honestly feel that people stay in out lives until necessary. When their job is done and the lesson is learnt, it is time they moved on and it is time for me to move on too. Not everyone will grow with you, with time.

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  20. Saania, yes, having friends is sweet and losing them is bitter. But you’re also right and wise to note that friends will come and go in life because they do. Friends may not want to be fickle, but sometimes circumstances make it so. Sometimes, somehow circumstances can be even capricious. Devils or maybe ghosts in the machines.

    But we can enjoy those who are with us now and make memories to soothe us and inspire us in the future.

    I hope you are your family are truly well.

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