Why do we need planning?

All of us have dreams and ambitions. Having reached this crucial stage of my life of thinking about my future, it occurred to me how important it is to plan and set goals! Steve Maraboli, an American writer, interestingly said: “If you don’t know exactly where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?”

Planning gives us a sense of direction, and it orients us in the clear direction we are to follow. None of us want to attempt a humongous task directly – that is absolutely daunting (been there!). However, we can plan the huge task in such a way that it will look like tiny doable bits of tasks. You may also agree with me that once the big task is broken down, we feel like it looks much more achievable, and it does in fact become more achievable.

I am personally using the power of planning for this blog, to get fitter, to lose weight, to get good grades, to become happier, and to get into a good university, amongst other things. If I don’t plan to accomplish these things, I doubt that I will accomplish any of them. I know this because whenever I have failed to carefully identify and plan a goal, I have generally failed to achieve it. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Planning does this for us. It breaks down our giant goal into tiny objectives so that each small bit can be achieved one after the other until our final goal is achieved.

A plan is almost equivalent to having a road map that helps us reach our desired destination. Unless we have already been to the place we want to go to and already know the way to get there, we are going to need a good one! In my experience, a good plan consists of a general target (the big picture), a list of things needed to be done in order to attain this target, and then the daily, weekly and monthly actions and activities to be done that would help attain these goals, along with time durations and time management. That being said, there are indeed some great things in all of our lives that just happen unpredictably without the need for any plan, so I am perhaps only referring to the “big rocks” that do need careful brainstorming.

Planning for me even acts as a motivator. I don’t have to wake up every day wondering where to start and what to do, and knowing that I am doing my best in ticking off each task boosts my confidence too. Simply knowing that I am taking steps to create the life I want gives me a beautiful sense of peace.

– SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

127 thoughts on “Why do we need planning?

  1. Great post! I believed in planning so much so that I would get upset when my plans didn’t go as I planned all the time. That is no longer true, because I learned to be flexible and go with God’s plan, His plans for our life are always better! When I plan with prayer it always work out!

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  2. – Tell me, please, where should I go from here?
    – It largely depends on where you want to go, – answered the Cat.
    – Yes, I almost do not care, – began Alice.
    – Then it does not matter where to go, – said the Cat.

    – Just to get somewhere, – Alice explained.
    – Do not worry, you will definitely get somewhere, – said the Cat, –
    of course, if you don’t stop halfway …
    So spoke Alice and the Cat in Lewis Carroll’s tale “Alice in Wonderland”.
    So in artistic form, Lewis Carroll makes us wonder if we know where we are going. Is our road meaningful? Or do we move out of habit, according to patterns planned by someone else for us? Standard tropes, without thinking about your true desires and goals?

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      1. I live in Russia. and my main language is Russian. we also have researchers on the life and work of Lewis Carroll. for example, Galinskaya, Demurova. indeed, Carroll was a very interesting and complex person, with rich opportunities in completely different directions. thanks for prompting the authors writing about Carroll, I should try to read them.
        Carroll usually has a huge number of meanings behind one statement, so it is interesting to analyze them.

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      2. Maybe you’re lucky English isn’t your first language. Over here we’re generally introduced to Carroll while very young when his multi-layered complexities go over our heads. Unless we later read his work to our own children we never learn to properly appreciate him.

        It was working on machine learning systems in the early 1980s that brought me to Hofstadter’s book and that prompted me to read Carroll all over again. I’d thought of him as a children’s author until then.

        Forty years later not all of Hofstadter’s ideas have aged well and his writing can seem a bit gimmicky, though Godel, Escher and Bach is still a beautiful book to read that is dense with interwoven meanings. But more than 120 years after his death Carroll’s work remains as fresh as the day he wrote it.

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  3. I totally agree Saania. You can change your plans along the way, but you need a direction. I like how you equate a plan to a road map, that is right For so many people who have learning issues, autism etc, that is exactly what they need, small steps and chunks in order to be successful. Excellent ideas.

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  4. “I am personally using the power of planning for this blog, to get fitter, to lose weight, to get good grades, to become happier, and to get into a good university, amongst other things. If I don’t plan to accomplish these things, I doubt that I will accomplish any of them. I know this because whenever I have failed to carefully identify and plan a goal, I have generally failed to achieve it. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. ”
    Saania, you wrote many things that convey a surprisingly high level of understanding of existence and human relationships … However, I can not understand how can planning get you to “become happier”. What does it mean? Is it quantifiable? Is it measurable? How do you know you are there?

    Happiness is not something in the future, something to be reached once, to be attained; it is ot a goal or a place to get to…. If a person is not happy in this very moment, as the experience of life is created every single moment by every one of us (it is created for you and by you at this very moment while you read or write), there will be no happier person in any future….
    Hope this will help you a bit in your discoveries 🙂

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    1. Hello, thank you for your lovely comment. I definitely see what you mean there! I guess what I meant was that my happiness is created from knowing that I am doing my best to make my dreams and goals come true. Not necessarily “to become happier” as I wrongly said, but to save myself from feeling miserable in the times I haven’t been in control. This control is in the present, if that makes sense? It’s what creates satisfaction, which in turn creates happiness. Thank you for your feedback, highly appreciated!

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      1. hello Saania 🙂 I need to add something to your reply: there is no control. We can not even control our bladders: it will leak by itself when the moment comes. Yet, we are in charge of not wetting ourselves. You do understand how this works?
        We can only be in charge. This takes less energy and is less stressful. The sooner you “let go” the “happier” you will be.
        Have fun 🙂

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  5. A detailed plan catering for adequate contingencies is a must to achieve any goal. If you start with the aim ‘ I will go where the road takes me’ you will not reach anywhere. Setting clear aim and following it step by step is the essence of success. A mid course review as much important as the plan itself. This gives one the opportunity to make amends if required.

    A very well articulated article on essence of planning in life Saania.
    Stay blessed always

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  6. I haven’t been keeping up to date with your blog recently, but I’m so glad I finally logged on and had a look! You’ve grown so much Saania, you’re so inspiring and your blog is just so motivational!

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  7. Speaking from the “School of Hard Knocks”, moving forward with a plan is much easier than the alternative. Thank goodness, my husband is in agreement with me on this issue. 🙏🏻🌿

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  8. I plan my day-to-day much like I would a narrative for a book:
    -come up with grand ideas
    -break them into subsections to make them easier to accomplish
    -get through half of the ideas before losing interest
    -drink too much coffee and lie down, crying occasionally
    -repeat, because I’m a sadist who never gives up.

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  9. Well said. 🙂
    As a teacher (university lecturer) one of the things I’m really trying to push my own kids to do is develop habits that they don’t really need now, but they will need later, like working rigorously through assignments. That reduces cognitive load later, so they can focus on what they’re learning not how to demonstrate that they’ve learnt = better grades = more options for uni. To me that’s part of planning ahead – develop good habits before you need them.

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  10. This reminds me of something I said in my book “BARRIERS (So, if prayers are so powerful, how come mine don’t get answered?” The “barrier” was vagueness; the chapter was about being specific in our prayers. If we just pray something vague, like “God bless America!” how will you know if/when it gets answered? But when specific prayers get answered, it’s obvious – and exciting. 🙂

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  11. Well said. Goals are important for they give a direction, but reading the comments I agree with most people who say that we should be open to situations not in our goals and not let goals blind us from the present moment or new opportunities. Good thoughts


  12. 💜 Just keep it Fluid and Flexible; because Rigid and InFlexible DOESN’T WORK!!! EveryOne



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  13. It’s so lovely reading your post, and seeing you, a young student, understand the value of planning. As well as the need to be open to the unpredictable. Good luck with your studies and your career!

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  14. nell’adolescenza mi sono data dei traguardi da raggiungere e come raggiungerli, fatto questo la vita mi ha messo difronte alternative inaspettate e fantastiche, quindi una parte del pianificato è stato cambiato. Non sempre si può pianificare tutto nella vita, è importante avere ordine, ma ogni tanto l’imprevisto va seguiti perchè apre mondi inaspettati.

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  15. I was an unusual child. I spent more time making it look like I’d taken a shower than the time it would have taken to actually shower.

    Sometimes, I become overwhelmed with all I can do in front of me and can’t choose. I’ve learned to set a timer and read from any book for 10 minutes. As my ability to concentrate grows, the temptations of easier tasks dissipate.

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  16. The Eleanor Roosevelt quote is brilliant. Well-written piece. I enjoyed reading it. 2 thoughts came to mind in response:
    1. Upstream from Planning is Visioning. Without Vision, there is no target, not “it” to plan for.
    2. It’s been said that all things are created at least twice, once in the mind and once in the field of the real. A Plan serves to bridge the 2.

    All the best in 2022!



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