My First Published Book!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I am so delighted to inform you that I am releasing my very own book today on my birthday! It is titled Teenage Chronicles, and is published by EuropeBooks.

A little about my book…

Teenage Chronicles is an honest reflection of my personal teenage journey. It captures the emotions, anxieties, and the euphoria of an average teenager. I am hoping that, vicariously, it may help other teenagers better cope through these intriguing years – as fascinating as they are difficult!

I am a typical teenager who has experienced and endured ubiquitous teenage emotions. When these emotions started getting rather overwhelming, I tried to introspect deeply. I would spend many nights thinking about what was really happening inside me. I also talked to a lot of friends to try and get collective wisdom. Was I alone in feeling this way? If not, how were others coping? Themes that appeared repeatedly were Insecurity (a constant feeling of not being able to measure up), Jealousy (our nascent individuality also drives comparisons), Happiness (the quintessential fruits of all our labour), Friendship (with ego, good friends become hard to find and maintain), Anger, Failure, Ambition, Fears, Curiosity, and Love.

This blog is a place where I would write about everything I felt related to these emotions. Then I wondered how these emotions, if brought together holistically as a book, could have a wider appeal.

Hence this book happened: a memoir, self-help, parenting, and personal well-being for young adults all rolled into one! Ten chapters for these ten enigmatic emotions… written by a teenager for a teenager.




If you do wish to purchase a copy anywhere else in the world, please drop a DM at teenage_chronicles (Instagram), or send me an email!

– SaaniaSparkle πŸ§šπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

233 thoughts on “My First Published Book!

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