True Happiness is Internal

The other day when I was texting a friend, I noticed how impatient and grumpy I felt when she didn’t reply and get back to me. There were similar instances with other people wherein I felt irked the same way. However, it made me wonder why my happiness is dependent on external factors. And, ultimately, just how wrong this is!

We haven’t actually ever been taught to look inside of ourselves. Our worlds are not exactly set up to help us discover our personal boundaries in pursuit of growth, and we are therefore encouraged to cling onto external events in the hopes that we will be happy after, and with the hopes that they will calm our troubled hearts and minds. But quite fortunately enough, true happiness can be found within us.

Internal happiness is when our happiness is influenced by our own realizations, mindsets or thought processes. The weight of other people’s thoughts and opinions can easily become a burden for us, but once we learn to let go, it feels like taking a nice deep breath for the first time. We see the world as different. We feel happiness from within ourselves.

I also realized that people don’t care as much as we think they do! We all have a life of our own to worry about, and all the problems that come with living it. Even though it may seem like we are constantly being scrutinized, it is unlikely that someone is spending much of their time thinking about us at all. We will lose our minds trying to make sure that everyone responds to us the way we want them to, so ultimately, people’s opinions and actions don’t matter. Thankfully, happiness is a skill that can be cultivated, and it is entirely within our reach.

The hard truth is that we can’t please everyone, nor can we control the things that happen to us (all the time). It is impossible to live up to everyone’s expectations and it is impossible to achieve everything we desire exactly when and how we want. So there is no point in burning ourselves out in trying to do so since perfectionism is a destination wherein we will hardly ever arrive. The important thing, however, is that we make sure that one of the people we do please is ourselves!

– SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

135 thoughts on “True Happiness is Internal

    1. I’m working on learning this as a truth instead of fearing that anyone and everyone around me can see and does see, then forms an opinion of me based on what they’ve just seen. I have to remind myself that I’m not powerful enough or so well known that people bother to pay attention to me when I’m around!

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  1. Nice reflection, it happens at just the right time.
    I am going through a difficult time and these words help me to change my thoughts and my way of being. Obviously for the better. Thank you so much!

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  2. When you wrote, “…ultimately, people’s opinions and actions don’t matter.” I had to stop and ponder that. I know where you’re coming from – in the context of the rest of the paragraph it’s true – but it depends upon who the “people” are, doesn’t it? I value the opinions of the Godly people I love and admire. I learn from watching the actions of others – and often am inspired by them. I bet that’s true of you, too. I just can’t let the opinions of others be my ultimate guide. My goal is to be guided by the Holy Spirit – and to strive to please God. I bet that’s true of you, too. ❤ Have a blessed Sunday, {{{Saania}}} ❤

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    1. “Ungodly” people are just as deserving of having their opinions valued. To my way of thinking, if you are only valuing “godly” people you are cutting yourself off from a lot of good people. Open your heart, and your mind. Good people are everywhere, you need only look.

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      1. Your point is very well taken. Thank you for your enlightening comment. I will open my eyes… and strive to be open to all people… I did not mean to be cutting anyone off.

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  3. As I have noted before, Saania, you are wise beyond your years. I just find it very hard to believe looking inside is not coomon knowledge, but you are right, we are not taught to do this, because society like everyone to be the same. You are an outlier, you are dangerous to the powers that be.

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  4. “Remember to fill your cup because you can’t pour from an empty cup”. This is such a great reminder for all of us to find our ways to make our inner child happy and peaceful. It’s so true that most of the time in our life we are dependent on others for our happiness. It’s extremely hard to move on from that mindset and try finding happiness and peace in our own company. But once we can master this, a whole new world of joy awaits us. No more broken promises or false expectations. We tend to be more calm and kind towards ourselves and others.

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  5. I totally agreed with u very true n perfectly written by u for internal happiness ♥️♥️💕😍💕💕💕🌹🌹🌹🤗🤗🤗keep writing keep shining my love love u. Nani

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  6. I agree with you whole heartedly! I changed when my bff told me. “No one can hurt you if you don’t allow it.” Easier said than done but I eventually learned not to allow myself to surrender to certain feelings of dissappointment. It’s better to just change the channel and focus and give that energy to something positive instead. Have a great day and many blessings to you my friend! -Mys

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  7. I am sorry to comment belatedly.I was not in proper mindset due to problems in family.My wife faced Covid-19 but recovered however my daughter is still fighting it,the one reason was her anxiety to try this and that and ignor the basic.Anyway experience teaches us not to be panicky. Hope she will be okay soon and lesson our worries.
    As for the comment to my dearest Saania latest post dated 1st May,I can only repeat that she is genius,rational and thinker at par.What she twists at this age others cannot do at their existing ages including myself.In fact she is a boon not only to me but to whole of us.
    Why we feel sad and disturbed when we don’t get quick response to our asking is because we are Victim of ego which is there inside us with other good and bad instincts.The other reason is that man is a social element, he cannot live in peace if ignored or delayed response.His ego does not allow him to go for thinking for delay or absence of response.The reason may be many. It is correct that inner strength is the mark provider and guide but in isolation we cannot survive.
    So have faith in self and be a unit of mankind.We all are interconnected.
    Good luck and my best wishes.

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  8. Culture de l’instantané…
    Texte assez poussé sur cette réflexion.
    Très intéressant car il pousse à réfléchir sur ce sujet,
    Entre nos attentes et celles des autres.
    I like this text because it’s a way for the reflexion about this world,
    And the fact of instantly live, around this world,
    Interacting on human live.

    Very powerfull text Saania !
    Miss G ^^

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  9. The actor Jerry Lewis once said the following line in a movie titled: :The Nutty Professor”. For a comedy it is quite profound: “You might as well be happy with yourself. Because you have to live with you the rest of your life.”
    I’d look to please one other: God. If we have His favor how bad could we then be?

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  10. Discorso difficile quello della felicità, già che è un componente astratto della nostra vita è difficile da realizzare.
    La felicità secondo me non dipennde da chi incontri, da chi ti è vicino, da chi puoi tu rendere felice, la felicità è dentro noi stessi. Se sappiamo godere di chi ci ama, di chi ci è vicino, dell’amicizia, della natura, di un libro….allora la felicità esplode in noi e ne godiamo.
    Quello che possiamo fare è donare la nostra felicità agli altri, veicolarla e coinvolgere, questo rende la vita più serena anche nei momenti bui.
    Grazie per aver parlato di questo sentimento emotivo che è una grande valvola per il nostro benessere fisico, morale e spirituale ❤

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  11. Agree with “happiness is a skill” or, in other words, a talent one has to find in oneselve and to develop all alone. Like learning to play the piano or start running, happiness depends on the joy one feels while practicising.


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