True Happiness is Internal

The other day when I was texting a friend, I noticed how impatient and grumpy I felt when she didn’t reply and get back to me. There were similar instances with other people wherein I felt irked the same way. However, it made me wonder why my happiness is dependent on external factors. And, ultimately, just how wrong this is!

We haven’t actually ever been taught to look inside of ourselves. Our worlds are not exactly set up to help us discover our personal boundaries in pursuit of growth, and we are therefore encouraged to cling onto external events in the hopes that we will be happy after, and with the hopes that they will calm our troubled hearts and minds. But quite fortunately enough, true happiness can be found within us.

Internal happiness is when our happiness is influenced by our own realizations, mindsets or thought processes. The weight of other people’s thoughts and opinions can easily become a burden for us, but once we learn to let go, it feels like taking a nice deep breath for the first time. We see the world as different. We feel happiness from within ourselves.

I also realized that people don’t care as much as we think they do! We all have a life of our own to worry about, and all the problems that come with living it. Even though it may seem like we are constantly being scrutinized, it is unlikely that someone is spending much of their time thinking about us at all. We will lose our minds trying to make sure that everyone responds to us the way we want them to, so ultimately, people’s opinions and actions don’t matter. Thankfully, happiness is a skill that can be cultivated, and it is entirely within our reach.

The hard truth is that we can’t please everyone, nor can we control the things that happen to us (all the time). It is impossible to live up to everyone’s expectations and it is impossible to achieve everything we desire exactly when and how we want. So there is no point in burning ourselves out in trying to do so since perfectionism is a destination wherein we will hardly ever arrive. The important thing, however, is that we make sure that one of the people we do please is ourselves!

– SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

135 thoughts on “True Happiness is Internal

  1. What a beautiful way to start off the month of May. With some words of wisdom, straight from the heart and experience. This was everything, everyone feels. You’re not alone with these feels and I’m glad you expressed it. It’s very hard to see yourself as your own critic and to only care about your expectations of yourself and not so much of what you THINK others are thinking/saying about you. It’s so hard. But all we can do is try, keep going as the days flow and live our lives in our truest forms. It’s so important to make ourselves happy. This was a gem to read this morning. Thanks so much for it !

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  2. The dependence
    in the entanglements
    from inside and outside

    in which we
    in the reality
    our little I
    protect and care

    the inside
    the mirror
    of the world

    the outside
    our senses
    the world

    everything; every experience
    every event
    leaves its mark
    in consciousness
    in our
    whole body back

    with the constant attempt
    to compensate
    in an in between

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  3. Try living with notifications turned off on your phone. Eve the battery charge % can make us anxious. It’s a great experiment to see how much we are looking for “external” approvals 🤓

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  4. Happiness can also be defined as a “lack of unhappiness.”
    So, let’s start there.
    Unhappiness is most often caused by one of two things:
    1. Worry, or regret, or sorrow, or loss about something that happened in the PAST, or
    2. Impatience, worry, or fear about something that could, or will, happen in the FUTURE.
    In the case of your failed reply to your text, it was about an expectation of a future event that was unfulfilled. FUTURE.
    One of the most difficult things to do is to stay PRESENT. Be focused on the NOW. You can’t change the past, and the future is beyond your control. Those are the triggers of unhappiness, so don’t stay and dwell on the past, or the future.
    I actually use the color blue to bring me back to the present. I see blue in the sky, in the water, and many other places. It’s a calming color, and it also reminds me to come back to the present and enjoy the NOW.
    Works for me.

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  5. the same words when i was your age
    i was a paper boy and now there are none
    like pay phones, and clothes lines
    and people would talk to one another
    no back wards hats
    no device in back pocket
    so old am i
    and happy in my skin
    good luck to you too
    you write well
    i can tell
    et al

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  6. Great points Saania! Yes happiness is our world within not outside of the self. We live our entire life within our own thoughts and thinking process, there is where happiness resides. Yes, I agree with you that we make happiness and internal, intrinsic pleasing of self.
    As always you have a delightful way of sharing wisdom in great light. Cheers.😊

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  7. With technology today our sights are set on the opinions of others even more. We only find true peace and happiness in what God thinks of us and what His opinion is. A life lived for Him has GENUINE rewards that are not just for the life we now live, but eternally. Such a good article! Blessings Always.

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  8. Wow!! Such a thoughtful and true topic it is!! Loved reading it! Each and every line says so much! Great Beginning to the month of May!

    Loved the line you wrote:
    “Internal happiness is when our happiness is influenced by our own realizations, mindsets or thought processes”
    Very true it is!!

    Keep writing such amazing ones and stay happy always! ✨❤️

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  9. SMiles Young Saania
    Sparkle We LiVE iN An
    Illusory World That
    Grades All We

    Do From Birth

    A Thru F As Such
    Dollar Higher Or Low
    Externally Now Too

    Where All We Are Truly
    Evolved To Do is Forage
    Hand in Hand Now To




    In All Ways
    Love Breathes

    We’ve Become

    The Tools That Were
    Supposed To Make
    Eating Easier Now

    Folks Have
    Become The
    Tools Sadly Separated
    From The Nature of




    Eats To Give

    The Only Solution
    Is To Disrobe And
    BREaTHE Nature

    Of Love


    Yes For


    Is Inherent
    Thanks GiVinG LoVE NoW🌻

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  10. There’s a big difference between being irritated for a short time and being unhappy. Outside things can dent us or knock us askew, but our equilibrium (or happiness or lack of it) remains the same. There’s an old saying: leopards don’t change their spots.

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  11. Very true and well said Saania. Don’t give your power of happiness to some one else. Hold on tight to your power and be happy just because you can! Easier said the done at times, but when you catch yourself going off course, you can get back on track faster. Have a great weekend💖

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  12. Thank you for sharing!!… “It is not easy to find happiness within ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.” (Agnes Repplier )… 🙂

    Until we meet again..
    May your troubles be less
    Your blessings be more
    And nothing but happiness
    Come through your door
    (Irish Saying)

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  13. So true! We often remain so engrossed in evaluating ourselves from the eyes of others that we tend to forget that we too are allowed to view ourself from our eyes (self-reflection). As you said, the real happiness lies within. ✌

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  14. I agree. This dark timeline keeps people in economic slavery and struggling so much that it seems friendship, deep sustainable, attentive friendship has been put on the back burner. I think that the media and all the involvement in social media, too, has trained people to have superficial relationships rather than friendships where people truly listen to each other, reciprocate attention, make deep intimate connections of care and support, where people follow through and truly engage.

    I have friends that don’t even reply to emails anymore or phone calls, and often, not even FB messaging, choosing instead to rely on FB comments only. That isn’t friendship, it isn’t intimacy. Texting is easy, and quick but it really isn’t meant to replace true communication.

    I stayed in a room in a guy’s apt. who was great at texting conversations but would walk right by me without a word.

    I’m ready for the new light timeline.

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  15. una vera perla di saggezza questa tua riflessione, non possiamo accontentare tutti, ed è inutile pensare a ciò che la gente penserà di noi, ci faremo solo del male, e non vedremo la vera felicità che è solo dentro di noi, e che solo noi possiamo donarci ogni volta che lo vogliamo…👏👏👏👍😉

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  16. Wise words. I agree totally that we fret more about what others are thinking, when in reality, they aren’t thinking that much about us to begin with! Everyone is in their own little bubble, and the bubbles seem to be getting thicker as people find themselves hooked onto their electronics but not I’m a way that is real human connection.

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