Skydiving at 16!

This weekend (on Easter Sunday), I jumped off a plane at an altitude of 13,000 feet!

My heart was beating and my body was shaking as I stepped into the plane. In those ten minutes, I could feel nothing but the chills of fear of jumping, despite my amazing instructor Benji trying his best to calm me down.

And then the moment came!

The plane door opened, and I watched the first two people fall into the sky, one of them being my twin sister. Then it was my turn. Benji and I crouched at the door of the plane, I looked out into the sky all around me, and I took the biggest jump of my life.

What Skydiving Taught Me About Fear:

In life, there are always some things that scare each of us. When I was very little, I had a fear of almost everything. The wind would scare me (Ancraophobia). Loud noises would scare me (Phonophobia). Fast things would terrify me (Tachophobia). I would barely ever swing on playground swings because of how it made my stomach have that dropping sensation! Due to fears, we can often doubt ourselves a lot, and hence we refrain from doing anything we find too scary. We end up limiting ourselves. Skydiving forced me to “Just Do It” and stop being controlled by my fears. Many of us live in a safe box of limited habits, but by throwing ourselves out there, we push our own boundaries and see the real us, the US we never knew existed.

Another lesson I learned is about perspectives. A lot of naysayers assume that skydiving or bungee jumping is insanely risky. But statistically speaking, you are more likely to die being struck by lightning or stung by a bee than from sky diving! (National Safety Council, 2018). Sometimes, we make things big and scary in our heads because we are afraid to break out of the boxes we have trapped ourselves in. Stepping out of our comfort zones might sound scary in theory but in reality, it is where the big magic begins.

If we never leave our comfort zones, we will never be able to experience the exciting things about life. Over analyzing everything and at every time doesn’t help us in too many ways. If I would have thought too much beforehand, I probably would have talked myself right out of even trying. Sometimes, we just have to let go of all our fears, trust the journey, and enjoy the ride.

The last thing I learnt is that I can do anything I set my mind to. Skydiving gives us this huge boost of unique inner power. Impossible is a word I threw out of my dictionary. There will be so many things out there in the world that will scare me. But I will never know the things I can do until I go for it. If I can muster up the courage to jump out a plane, I have the ability to conquer any other fear that crawls into my life!

(Me on your left, my twin sister on your right):

Here is a short video of me falling down the sky:

– SaaniaSparkle πŸ§šπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

238 thoughts on “Skydiving at 16!

  1. This is brilliant, great post and congratulations for over coming your fears. Thank you for sharing your story, it’s a great one and it encourages me as the reader to tackle all those fears, especially the inner fears. The fears that so easily turn into anxiety and pain and become are normalcy of coping with life.

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  2. What a thrilling experience… I have always wanted to try skydiving, however never made the time, I suppose and now I don’t think I could as I have fragile bones from an age-related condition. I already have two back fractures.
    I have always been rather adventurous and have many experiences which helped shaped me.

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    1. The worlds conversations wired,
      voices in my head like thrusting rain dyes away-

      madness’ someone wept

      for me my; I love

      bid awaiting;

      ” you don’t know her ” they complain

      just keep safe for the night

      words tense time… pain

      my hearts too full-

      vain concord late this evening-

      core haunting

      jolting down more then 204,

      ” lust ” relation monsters

      shadows casts beauty: vulger n’ dingy

      pawn switch

      swollen sores ache at my ft

      frantic little one..,

      thou so

      break encourage urging

      midnight n’ decaf; strength: laughter what yet too find…

      ocean floors painting flooding beat

      envious kindred..

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  3. Great post Saania I live in the uae and I am an Emirati citizen and I really love skydive dubai ❀️❀️ the video is soo beautiful because we can see Ain Dubai, The Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab!! Well done in overcoming your fears

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  4. Am so scared of heights even though I hike a lot, crazyπŸ˜…

    And it’s so true we limit ourselves even before trying. Too bad coz we become less of what we can be

    Nice postπŸ‘Œ

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  5. Oh, my WOW! I love this! My brother and I skydived back in June of 2004 and I can say that the biggest sensation of fear I had is right before we went out the door. But the 75 second free-fall was the best and the rush you get is unlike anything else! I’m so glad I took the plunge and is definitely something I plan to do again! Congratulations for conquering your fear, Saania!

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  6. Proud of you for your courage! What better day to roll the dice than on Easter Sunday. The most improbable event in history of man took place. And your jump was blessed in kind. For you took a leap of faith. In FAITH… We are always…(F)ound (I)n (T)hy (H)and. And what better hand is there to be in at our most harrowing moments?
    Too many in life, of which you are not, will have their lives defined by the following: For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: β€œIt might have been!” – John Greenleaf Whittier
    p.s. Geronimo!!!!

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  7. Woohoo! Congratulations on conquering your fear! and thank you for sharing your thoughts on how this experience changed your paradigms about fear, perspectives & determination!

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  8. I wish I was still 16 sometimes! I always wanted to parachute when I was younger, but now I think my testosterone levels have fallen way too low and I’m on the “Why would you jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane?” side of the argument! Congratulations on – literally – taking the plunge and also for overcoming the multiple fears that plagued you when you were younger. Will follow your blog with interest from now on, hoping your inspiration will maybe encourage me to push my limits!

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  9. You sound delicate, the way you describe your childhood. But everyone is delicate when they are a child. I hope that the experience was thrilling and that it will be a sweet nostalgia for you!


  10. Seems awesome!
    I once watched a video where a guy explained he takes a cold shower pretty often, so he can get used to doing stuff he finds uncomfortable.
    Maybe being fearless is a habit too.


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