Skydiving at 16!

This weekend (on Easter Sunday), I jumped off a plane at an altitude of 13,000 feet!

My heart was beating and my body was shaking as I stepped into the plane. In those ten minutes, I could feel nothing but the chills of fear of jumping, despite my amazing instructor Benji trying his best to calm me down.

And then the moment came!

The plane door opened, and I watched the first two people fall into the sky, one of them being my twin sister. Then it was my turn. Benji and I crouched at the door of the plane, I looked out into the sky all around me, and I took the biggest jump of my life.

What Skydiving Taught Me About Fear:

In life, there are always some things that scare each of us. When I was very little, I had a fear of almost everything. The wind would scare me (Ancraophobia). Loud noises would scare me (Phonophobia). Fast things would terrify me (Tachophobia). I would barely ever swing on playground swings because of how it made my stomach have that dropping sensation! Due to fears, we can often doubt ourselves a lot, and hence we refrain from doing anything we find too scary. We end up limiting ourselves. Skydiving forced me to “Just Do It” and stop being controlled by my fears. Many of us live in a safe box of limited habits, but by throwing ourselves out there, we push our own boundaries and see the real us, the US we never knew existed.

Another lesson I learned is about perspectives. A lot of naysayers assume that skydiving or bungee jumping is insanely risky. But statistically speaking, you are more likely to die being struck by lightning or stung by a bee than from sky diving! (National Safety Council, 2018). Sometimes, we make things big and scary in our heads because we are afraid to break out of the boxes we have trapped ourselves in. Stepping out of our comfort zones might sound scary in theory but in reality, it is where the big magic begins.

If we never leave our comfort zones, we will never be able to experience the exciting things about life. Over analyzing everything and at every time doesn’t help us in too many ways. If I would have thought too much beforehand, I probably would have talked myself right out of even trying. Sometimes, we just have to let go of all our fears, trust the journey, and enjoy the ride.

The last thing I learnt is that I can do anything I set my mind to. Skydiving gives us this huge boost of unique inner power. Impossible is a word I threw out of my dictionary. There will be so many things out there in the world that will scare me. But I will never know the things I can do until I go for it. If I can muster up the courage to jump out a plane, I have the ability to conquer any other fear that crawls into my life!

(Me on your left, my twin sister on your right):

Here is a short video of me falling down the sky:

– SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

238 thoughts on “Skydiving at 16!

  1. I jumped too, a few years ago. Haven’t had the chance to do it again. Not sure I *want* to do it again. It was a puffy cloud kind of day and my jump was 15kft/5,000M – the clouds helped obscure the distance. After the first seconds of free-fall terror, the harness adjustments and then floating in the seated position proved to be NOT LONG ENOUGH! I wanted that part of the dive to last!!

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  2. My lovely Saania,I read your experience about Sky Diving also about fears,in born,in every person especially children.What comment one can make except praising you on your courage and splendour feat.Even Iwas very nervous till you completed the feat.It was because of my love to my Grandchildren.
    My best compliments to both of you.Your feat will certainly see other children to take it.

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  3. Wooooooow, congratulations for doing it! You and your twin sister both are beautiful and I’m so glad you had fun! Plus you’re right about leaving our comfort zones and experiencing new things! Keep Shining, Saniaaa 👏👏✨

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  4. Yikes! Good for you, Saania! I have always thought I wouldn’t be brave enough to do that – although I took a baby step in that direction last week, zip lining with my grandchildren. Thanks for citing the statistics to put it in perspective. That might help me get there one of these days.

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  5. Hi Saania, thanks so much for sharing your insights. I am one of those who would never sky dive or bunjee jump. I am too afraid of heights even though I managed to overcome it a little and can climb on towers or fly.

    You asked at Carol Anne’s blog if we can see the photos above the video and I can see them. I am on my phone and using the WP app 🤗🐝

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  6. In the Tao one seeks to “ride the wind”, free from all that would hold us down. Carl Jung tells us “that which we most need will be found where we least want to look … You (two) have found in yourselves a great truth!

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  7. Oh my word on jumping out of a plane! I agree with everything you say about pushing boundaries and not letting fear rule your life (I did that far too much when I was young, being timid and anxious, and had to force myself to change things in my 40’s), and trying new (safe) things – but I couldn’t parachute! 🙂

    Well done though! It’s funny, the perception of danger – I love rollercoasters and amusement parks rides generally, but so many of my friends hate them! They won’t even try! Yet I’m happily riding round with a big smile on my face as long as it’s not too ricketty and bumpy 🙂

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  8. Way to go Saania 😍

    You brave, brave young lady💥
    I’m so impressed you made the jump, even agreed to take the jump!! 😳

    I’m even more excited for the glimpse of personal power it showed you. It will forever change your trajectory if you continue to water this seed and allow it to make a beautiful impact on your young life 😘🥰

    I’m so happy for you❣️❣️❤️🤗

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