World Poetry Day 2021

The Underwater World

As I gently shut my eyes
I recall the day
The summery tropical afternoon
I spent snorkeling by the bay

The fresh turquoise water
Touches my face
And right underneath me
Unravels a captivating place

Shoals of vibrant fish
Swimming all around
In every possible color
Yellow, red, or brown

An underwater paradise
Formed by exotic coral reefs
Large living and breathing structures
Home to a plethora of beings

A world of unknown
I gaze to the ocean floor
An aesthetic scenery
A mystical world to explore

⁃ SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

128 thoughts on “World Poetry Day 2021

  1. beautiful author ! …a tremendous choice of words brings the reader into a fantastic dream world. thank you and wonderful easter or the corresponding equivalent of your faith
    a follower…

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  2. Lovely! My idea of paradise is snorkelling by a palms-edged golden-sands tropical beach with coral and exotic fish and other life. Adore it, even though it’s 25 years since I last did it – Australia’s Green Island near Cairns.

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  3. For someone who has been afraid of the wind, it’s very courageous to do skydiving!! We have a twin in the family (my nieces) – did your sister have the same trouble with fear? Great you came by, Jesh

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  4. Solange ich sagen kann
    ,…….“ICH BIN“,……..
    werde ich mir bewusst,
    daß die Schöpfung
    mir einen Hauch von nichts
    im Vergleich zur Ewigkeit
    geschenkt hat.

    Frieden und Liebe


    Ein Lächeln in euren Tag

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