Happy Birthday Dad

Here is a poem I wrote for my dad for always being my biggest support system and for always making sure I have the best that life could offer. To my dad, my number one hero!

You are a man
Like nobody else
Out of everyone I know
You know me the best

You shine with pride
In the moments I succeed
And are there for me
Whenever I need

When I get lost
And I feel stuck
You are the one
Who lifts me up

The times I’ve fallen
The times I’ve cried
You have been there
Right by my side

When you’re busy with work
And seem anything but free
I never have to worry
You’ll always make time for me

You’ve helped me see
The person I can become
You’ve always had faith in me
Even when I had none

You shelter and protect me
You always showed you care
Today I want to thank you
For always being there

You may not be a hero
Who’s known by the world
But a hero you are
To your little girl

father daughter clipart - Clip Art Library

⁃ SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

198 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad

  1. Daddy’s little girl is grown up fast, fast! What matters most is that she’s not forgotten
    what is important. The love of and life from the home where she lives. It’s always
    here, and always will be here, and never will fad away.

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  2. What beautiful words you have dedicated to your father! A father, to hear your descriptions, deserves them all. There was a saint, San Gerolamo who used to say “A son recognizes his father with a smile” You seem to me, you know him well even from the heart !!! ❤

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