Why do we really do random acts of kindness?

We often hear the phrase “random acts of kindness”, it is a relatively well-known concept. When you think about the times you’ve practiced random acts of kindness, what are some past practices that come to mind?

I found myself thinking about this question as I wrote this post because it’s an interesting one to ask, “When did I give something without expecting anything in return?

A little too often, I find it difficult to spread light and positivity when I don’t get the same in return. I go on sprinkling my love and my kindness, and I even end up feeling silly when I don’t get treated the same. But one lovely summer afternoon, my very wise teacher told me – we should operate from happiness, and not for happiness, and treat people with no expectations of being treated the same. Spread love. Don’t always do it for them – do it because that’s who you are!

I took his advice to heart, and I now see what he meant. I remember spending a day in a school with underprivileged kids, simply teaching, playing, and making Nutella and peanut butter jelly sandwiches with them. I didn’t quite get anything in return, but my reason to feel happy was right in front of me. Their precious little faces beaming with pleasure and smiles. That was my lesson learnt that day, and I now believe in it with all my heart.

The beautiful thing about random acts of kindness is that there are not only benefits to the receiver, but also to the giver. Reflecting upon that, there are heaps of little things we can do. Picking up litter on the beach. Serving at a homeless shelter. Volunteering at an animal shelter. Planting a tree. Sending someone a heartfelt letter instead of a text. I would love to hear some of your ideas for tiny acts of kindness: what do you think? Pop them in the comments below :).

⁃ SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

219 thoughts on “Why do we really do random acts of kindness?

  1. You are so right Saania. A little kindness goes a long way and it make the giver happy. Letting someone in front of you at the checkout in a shop makes many people happy and often they cannot believe it. I like doing that. I like to give genuine compliments and like smiling too.

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  2. This was lovely to read and I think with the pandemic going on at the moment we could be a little more kinder. I work in a secondary school and literally yesterday started a display board on kindness. I am hoping to finish off the rest by the end of the week. Check it out on my Pinterest board if you like! Im hoping to do an interactive board where they do kind things for one another

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  3. I still love to open doors for people -young, old, male, female, pull the chair out for someone when dining with them, smile and say hello to people, complement random strangers, offer change at a check out line when someone is digging for their change or make up the difference if they are short, treating people with small gifts /cards/texts/letters out of the blue, passing on to others books I’ve just finished, sharing desserts that I’ve purchased or made with others, the list goes on and on. I enjoy giving!

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  4. un sorriso è il primo atto di gentilezza che andrebbe sempre fatto, poi qua in Italia ultimamente ci sono tante associazioni che aiutano le persone più bisognose, c’è la spesa sospesa, si compra qualcosa che poi verrà dato a chi non ha nulla. C’è anche il regalo sospeso, sulle stesse linee di principio, così qualcuno potrà ricevere un regalo da uno sconosciuto.
    Fare del bene fa sentire bene… 😉

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  5. One thing I like to do is to release artwork, small sketches that might bring a little beauty or a smile to someone, and leaving little notes here and there. Tucked into a book, left in the seat on the bus with positive quotes or the word “peace”. I feel like I do it because I can. Because I have certainly been the beneficiary of acts of kindness, and now and then I can give back, too. I’ve bought or cooked someone a meal, released books, left a few quarters at the water machine. We have so many homeless and terribly poor people here that rather than give to a charity that picks and chooses who receives, I simply release things to the curb, or a corner or area where I know the homeless go. I’d like to think I leave the world a little better place than I found it. Blessedbe and thank you for all you do. You are so right – if you do good because you expect a return, you’re doing it wrong. Do it because you can.

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  6. Surprise someone by telling them what they are doing well and why you like it. Too often constructive criticism focuses on the need to improve, not what is already successful. (I realize that some days and some people are easier to do this than others.) Catch someone doing a good thing and acknowledge it.

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  7. I think your teacher was right ( I would do – I’m a teacher).

    Doing something kind for random strangers, when you don’t have to, gets you huge karma. You don’t need rewards, except you do feel better about things after doing this, even if you don’t really acknowledge or realise it yourself at the time. That is why we teach: to do some kind things without ever really expecting anything in return. Sometimes, in my experience, it is what makes us strong, gives us one of those days where you feel you can conquer all the unfairness in the world, or deal with anything that is thrown at you that day. It occasionally happens…

    But then again, maybe that is why some people are mechanics. Or whatever. this explains: https://wheatypetes.world/2019/07/07/germany/

    I love your posts, Saania. You seem to have been blessed with wisdom far beyond your years. Lucky me for finding them!

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  8. I wrote about deeply connections in my blog (namelesssproject.wordpress.com), and that’s the way I like the most. care about people, and not just have shallow conversation. Everyone has a story to share and everyone need to be heard.

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  9. This is such a important reminder! I struggle with this for the same reasons you did. Lately I’m trying to remember to encourage people – it always gives me such a boost to have anything I worked on be recognised, and I’m trying to remind myself that I never know when someone really needs to hear it!

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  10. very interesting post which contains quite some food for thought… although I am not capable of doing as much acts of kindness as I could, whenever I do any, it really comes from a place of deep empathy: I am always deeply moved by the condition or situation of need that has to be attended to… I feel sad whenever I am not able to help, especially when I don’t have, or don’t have as much as is required

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  11. Comforting words, a smile a day, volunteering……

    All these are avenues where we can spread happiness. Happiness is one thing that can move the world forward……and it begins with every individual

    Really beautiful piece ❤️

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  12. Any act out of expectation loses its sheen. Once we give for no reason, we create a ripple effect of kindness. From one to another and it goes on. Sadly, people are engrossed in their tiny little world of self.

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  13. I resonate with all the above comments, lovely post.
    When the lockdown started I would always call my friends and will never get a call back. So I had this same question asked? Why do you call them? So I had a great teacher too and I call because I get to call them and make them smile. We have a laugh on the phone and remember the old times and future.
    I randomly call all my friends on a different to check up on them 😊

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  14. When I lived in London, there were scores of people sleeping homeless on the streets. Some begged aggressively, but most just sat there, many accompanied by loyal dogs. Rather than give them money, which many sadly spend on drugs or alcohol, I would go into a shop and buy them a sandwich or a hot drink, and always get some food for their dog too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  15. Ok I know it might sound funny or stupid, but here it is. On my daily commute to work, whoever I get to notice walking on the streets or waiting at the bus stop or riding on a vehicle; I say a quick prayer for them. That they have a safe, easy and content day. Somehow it is my belief that as I do so for the strangers, the universe simultaneously builds a protective fence around me as well 🙂

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  16. It’s the simple things. I love how you put it —act from happiness not for happiness. I feel slowing down like stopping to talk to your elderly neighbour or helping the lady in aisle 9 to look for the olive oil. Xx

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  17. I have learned if you give/help/love from your heart and let the Spirit within you guide you in doing so, you don’t worry about what’s in it for you,will the receiver be thankful or grateful, nor will your feelings be hurt if the receiver does not react as we expect them to. What you get goes deeper than than that. You get this overwhelming feeling of joy that will warm your heart! It is easy to help/give/love those who we know will do the same for us. When you can give/help/love someone with no expectations, not even gratitude or a thank you, you have arrived at the destination where humans were meant to be! It is a wonderful feeling!! Great post as always.

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  18. What A lovely post! When i think of a random act of kindness i think about smiling at a stranger. The gift cost me nothing but could be the highlight of their day. Something so simple but meaningful. Thx for sharing Saania

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