Why do we really do random acts of kindness?

We often hear the phrase “random acts of kindness”, it is a relatively well-known concept. When you think about the times you’ve practiced random acts of kindness, what are some past practices that come to mind?

I found myself thinking about this question as I wrote this post because it’s an interesting one to ask, “When did I give something without expecting anything in return?

A little too often, I find it difficult to spread light and positivity when I don’t get the same in return. I go on sprinkling my love and my kindness, and I even end up feeling silly when I don’t get treated the same. But one lovely summer afternoon, my very wise teacher told me – we should operate from happiness, and not for happiness, and treat people with no expectations of being treated the same. Spread love. Don’t always do it for them – do it because that’s who you are!

I took his advice to heart, and I now see what he meant. I remember spending a day in a school with underprivileged kids, simply teaching, playing, and making Nutella and peanut butter jelly sandwiches with them. I didn’t quite get anything in return, but my reason to feel happy was right in front of me. Their precious little faces beaming with pleasure and smiles. That was my lesson learnt that day, and I now believe in it with all my heart.

The beautiful thing about random acts of kindness is that there are not only benefits to the receiver, but also to the giver. Reflecting upon that, there are heaps of little things we can do. Picking up litter on the beach. Serving at a homeless shelter. Volunteering at an animal shelter. Planting a tree. Sending someone a heartfelt letter instead of a text. I would love to hear some of your ideas for tiny acts of kindness: what do you think? Pop them in the comments below :).

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230 thoughts on “Why do we really do random acts of kindness?

  1. Random acts of kindness are wonderful. As you explain it, they work both ways: For the giver as well as the receiver. With my neighbours, we have a tradition of passing on a plate filled with food, whenever anyone of us feels like giving away an extra portion. Sometimes I receive, sometimes I give. And both versions feel very kind in my stomach area. 🙂

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  2. very beautiful, one thing that I recently started, is to put in my to do list: “Do a kin act”.
    I have to tick it at the end of the day, so it makes me reflect if I have done something kind that day or not, even if its as simple as calling my grandma and talk to her with love. I think we really need to remind ourselves to be kind everyday:)

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  3. This is such a positive post which reminded me again of how important it is to give (and not necessarily for the receiver, but more so for the giver).
    I was taught from a very young age to keep on giving (whether it’s just a smile or a helping hand for the elderly), but do so with a true heart 💌.

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  4. I volunteer, part time, at a food bank warehouse. Interesting, I guess it may be a random act of kindness but I just do it. It’s unfortunately doubling in size in the coming weeks. I do try to be exceptionally kind during this pandemic. No expectations of anything in return,

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  5. Random acts of kindness come from gratitude I think. A way of saying thank you for kindness received that can never be repaid, because it is of value beyond that. We all are beneficiaries of these acts, but need to live daily with an attitude of gratitude to recognize them. A lovely post!


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