My Dazzling Life

I look through my travel journal
And flick through each page
I treasure the memories
Of some merry-filled days
The time I viewed the sunset
In Maldives’ warm skies
How the golden aureate sun light
Glittered right before my eyes
The day I munched on churros
In Mexico’s bustling street
The sticky luscious caramel
Delectably ambrosial and sweet
The frosty nights in Finland
Where I gazed upon the star
Following some constellations
With the twinkling embers so far
How I indulged the moment
Sitting by the beach
In Seychelles’ summery air
That I never wished to leave
I restore these memories
With the delight that they give
As I fervently await
The hundreds more to live

– SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

176 thoughts on “My Dazzling Life

  1. I’m loving the epic and living preamble to your epic! The poetry moves me along in a joyful Hopscotch country to country, place to place… and then there was the caramel. I did have to stop there as caramel is a nourishing Kryptonite… well, unless you have too much, then it’s all ok.

    Your rhythm and cadence has a fluid fluency that is welcoming and piques wonderment to closed-mouth smile in silence with temples flexed as I was/am pulled along in the magnetic wake of “My Dazzling Life.”

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  2. Isn’t it amazing how wonderful our lives are if we only stop to smell the roses, or the coffee? It is so important to cultivate an attitude of gratitude so we can really enjoy what we have, whether worldly possessions or those rich memories and relationships that are priceless beyond imagination.

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    1. “Wow- all this new is gr8 joy, memos do come in handy like surprise others as well.. 11/9 Nov. Mon.…” Oh, yes. And, alas, I’ve been there.

      ok,… Blue!… living inside journal street,? I’ll be aware–

      mass what’s going; setts do … ahu! slept

      Real then seemed, of,…. antagonize euphoria, NJ — A —

      ���� tell m3 why does it even matter

      “Incomplete? ‘ I ‘ preyed – Appreciate All The Eyes, I Thought Back-, thinking beat which friendly- thick deep pawn…” “11/9 Nov. Mon. 2020 6:57pm imagery��{ Day-Light Savings Dawn- 3nding } “Script lyric” Last Minute; D3co’s’Pear Relax I could… […]…”

      “Wow- all this new is gr8 joy, memos do come in handy like surprise others as well.. 11/9 Nov. Mon.…””Better???”

      this one

      Beautiful words

      Daria Nicolodi dies at 70—

      Ronna has had an extremely rough past, including an extensive history of parental abuse that has left her thin-skinned and suspicious of authority figures. Because of this, she’s constantly butting heads with our management team and confronting them about perceived slights.

      While some of the points she makes are reasonable, many are taken too personally or blown way out of proportion, and she tends to act very dramatic/livid about it. I’m looking to move up in the company, and I’m torn between loyalty to my friend and the need to remain on good terms with our higher-ups. I’m also worried that my friendliness with management will lead to Ronna resenting or distrusting me. How can I safely navigate? — IN THE MIDDLE IN COLORADO

      DEAR IN THE MIDDLE: Do not involve yourself in Ronna’s problems on the job. If you do, they will spill over onto you. Maintain your personal relationship with her away from the office, while networking and trying to widen your circle of friends.

      From what you have written, I doubt that Ronna will be working for your employer much longer. Workers who react in a “very dramatic/livid” manner are usually laid off because their behavior is unprofessional and disruptive. Lyrics on a high note concerned about more then just one Homicidal Scisidel

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  3. Loved the closing lines of the verse and I quote:

    “I restore these memories
    With the delight that they give
    As I fervently await
    The hundreds more to live”

    Indeed life is but a running sequence of memory snapshots that we can roll back when we choose to. The verse reminded me of those immortal William Wordsworth lines:

    For oft, when on my couch I lie
    In vacant or in pensive mood,
    They flash upon that inward eye
    Which is the bliss of solitude;
    And then my heart with pleasure fills,
    And dances with the daffodils.

    Shakti Ghosal

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