Ever lost a friend?

This is a poem I wrote while thinking about some of the friendships I made in my life, which as years went by, simply faded away. Perhaps something went wrong, or we simply grew our own separate ways…

When we were little
We would play
Never felt troubled
About what people had to say
When I wasn’t well
You would benevolently stay
And check every hour
To make sure I was okay
When I wanted to talk
You’d always be there
Happiness or despair
We would unabashedly share
I revere those times
More than you’ll ever know
I continually question
What made you go
Our treasured memories
Will forever be in my heart
And I’ll always wonder
Why life tore us apart

 -SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

245 thoughts on “Ever lost a friend?

  1. A very beautiful poem a bit nostalgic a bit of regret at the loss of dear friends . May be as we grow our perspective changes we move in different directions and disassociation becomes inevitable . However on the contrary I do have friends who were with me in kindergarten and they are dear to me .

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  2. This has happened quite often to me, especially because I lived in different parts of the world. Out of sight, out of mind. On the plus side, I find that I can reconnect with friends that I haven’t seen for years in an instant.

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  3. This has happened to me. When we started a family and our first child was born several of our close friends who didn’t have children drifted away. No hard feelings, we just couldn’t drop everything and come out a play anymore. And there were other occasions where me and my friend each went off chasing separate rainbows.

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      1. 3:33pm 10-15-2012 Monday October

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        settlements backsword ” see in glimmer talks, comma lights – awake inside -age thirty five again & ‘ I ‘ was around before death: hear things say.

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  4. I ask the same question and I find that the journey for each is as different as ya and me thus the ride is like friends departing from the party of life in separate taxis with the cellphone being the connection to the past. I went to ya family reunion and it was too much for me. The tone of the conversation was too aggressive and I bolted out and walked 5 miles in the rain 🌧! Thank ya ya post got me reflecting 🙏🐕♒️😷

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    1. 3ania

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  5. I think a lot about my school Jenny Allan. She was the first person I really got close too. Before her I always felt friends were leaving. She had plans and moved to London after that we lost touch. Our lives are forever changing we are all races towards our final goal. I’m at the point in my life where death takes our friends and loved ones in equal measure. 😢 Enjoy the living and make new friends along the way too. 😊

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  6. Saania, A beautiful and meaningful poem. I’m sure many of us can identify with. We share many paths with others throughout our lives. Though life provides unavoidable various reasons to separate us there is one thing we can hold on to forever. And that is our relationships have a lasting effect on one another. By you poem that lasting effect is one to be treasured. There is not much more than that, that anyone of us can hope for. To be remembered fondly.

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  7. Just like in a play, when the stage changes there’s a change of friends. Age, a move, a change of school…
    Friends have come and gone out of my life many times. Only the memory of shared moments is treasured.
    The blog poem is lovely.

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  8. I had lost many friends some of them I didin’t see them since 13 years ago we were so young play every time together go to school together somathing that brokes me is that I don’t know where are them now😓

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    1. Indeed, once I have given my companion vow, even in my own head, we are ‘brothers in the trench’ , so to speak, with time and distance meaning so little!
      People who love me, even just a bit, they help me SO much, and I cannot thank them enough. 💕

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  9. Very lovely poem!
    It relates well with almost every body.
    We often grow and change locations, schools, jobs, routines, relationships…
    These changes often create a distance even in communication (sometimes).
    A true friend will always cherish the memories and appreciate the new realities.

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  10. This is wonderful, Saania – so real and authentic. You have a beautiful way of writing that helps me to connect to my heart. Thank you. 🙂

    ps – isn’t it one of the greatest gifts to have a friend who stays by your side? I can definitely relate!

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  11. Sweet poem and cool quotation.
    As you pass through life you will understand better the inevitability of this, because people grow at different rates, and some make choices that you won’t and can’t agree with.
    But there are always new people to bring something different and positive.
    Good luck, and thank you for following Sound Bite Fiction.

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  12. Some people are on our life for a reason, others for a season and some others for a lifetime. I like that because it help relativise when some friendships end without a reason. But it still hurts especially when you don’t know why.

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    1. fatalistically, sw3ety.. I do reposts for ev3n honourering, life can change– ev3n No3mi Ban — It’s hard ppl tend to stear more nagitivly not just a comradery way but, just hang in there… But i still try 3ven friend wise, Not someone whose in a gross mood all the tim3 before tyde gets high

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  13. Yes, sweetlysad, one of the tough things in life is to realise some friendships fade away with time and circumstances – especially when you are physically not in the same area anymore. Sad – but when they do last a lifetime time melts away even if you havent seen someone for a decade when you meet up 🙂

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  14. I have always been baffled why there is so much about long lasting friendships – in many ways friendship of this nature can be overrated. My opinion aside however, this was a lovely penned poem Saania, very nicely done 🙂

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      1. I am sure you could, but what l mean is that not all friendships are worth carrying through the generations and many a time just because you were friends from when you were x age the friendship can not last the duration of life you live.

        Whereas friendships that you form perhaps as an adult l personally think have more value to them.

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  15. Very nice! This has been true for me as well…sometimes people grow apart. But it is definitely not always a bad thing. Just keep growing in the right direction…move forward, not back.

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