Never Doubt Your Worth

We hold a power
That no body can break
A distinctive talent
That no one can take
Let’s stop paying heed
To what people have to say
The path to our dreams
Only we can carve the way
We’re valiant and brave
Let’s stand tall and proud
To the person in the mirror
Let’s say it out loud
Within our struggles
The battles we fight
Nothing in the world
Can ever dim our light
A branch about to break
Isn’t the worry for a bird
For her trust is in her wings
And not on the world
Why do we follow people
To the places they go?
Why do we say yes
When we want to say no?
The dispiriting words of others
We must learn to ignore
For our mind is the one thing
We solely have and can control

– SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

268 thoughts on “Never Doubt Your Worth

    1. The Dolcezza Stracciatella

      Nasty romantic a weekend, dreariest – let it be; Viagra

      chips half eaten whole

      { The Stracciatella Dolcezza }

      gentle with morbid liquor passion

      a simple poem called letter ten, alarms short notice

      late sat sept ‘ hell of Italians ‘ new year 2021

      wine, vodkas package full

      fresh planation

      words covid 19 relate. Open document settingsOpen publish panel – Document

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  1. “…A branch about to break/Isn’t the worry for a bird/For her trust is in her wings/And not on the world…” quanta verità in queste parole.
    Dobbiamo saper volare altro, sfruttare le nostre capacità senza farci sopraffare dagli altri.

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  2. I found these great lines:

    “Let’s stop paying heed
    To what people have to say”

    What is that within us that intrinsically shifts our attention towards comparisons, dread from what others might say or think about us etc.? What practices could we adopt which would allow us to shift out of this mindset?

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  3. Omg I needed to read this today!! was feeling so low and wallowing in self pity for the last 3 days but I knew I needed to come out of it…it gets tough at times for all of us I know, but I pray we all can see the light of our self worth in such dark times…thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts as always! 🙂

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  4. ❤ I feel so encourages and touched, I really have no words. Thank you Saania for this salient reminder and message. Have a beautiful day! 💕

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