The Power of Positive People

Our happiness is not just a personal experience, it is often passed on to the people around us. It’s almost like when a pebble falls into the water causing ripples around it. In a similar way, our words, our actions, and our behaviours affect the ones around us, who in turn affect the ones who come into contact with them, and so on.

I can think about how my own mood is influenced by the lady at the Starbucks drive through who smiles, is happy, and is kind versus the one who is bitter, miserable, or rude. In both situations, a complete stranger’s attitude has the power to impact my own! And I now may pass it on to my friends, my parents, and the people around me.

While our emotions shouldn’t be at mercy of other people, our mind is something we do and can have control over. It’s important to note how our irked behaviours, moods, and attitudes aren’t something people like to keep up with. I can think about the times I have influenced my mood to my family, people like my parents and my sister. When I am in a bad mood, it doesn’t take a while for them to feel the same way. And when I am happy and buoyant, so are they!

With every new day that arrives, and with each new day we wake up, we have the power to touch on lives. We all want to have a good time. We all want to hear good news. None of us want to spend our life in doom and gloom. Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world.

-SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

316 thoughts on “The Power of Positive People

  1. Being positive is one of the best investments a human being can make. It costs nothing, yet it returns stunning dividends in no time at all. But it’s a good idea to keep investing in it as often as possible.

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  2. Indeed !! Everybody talks about the “need / prevelige” of having people around as punching bags for us to vent out our negativity, not realizing what a toll it takes on that person. About time we stop cribbing, be thankful for what we have and spread as much positivity as we can – the world never needed it more !!

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  3. You made me think my own attitude! I have been way too pessimistic last months. I have my reasons (a good reasons, I always think) but yeat I could have take things a little bit better and not wining all the time. It doesn’t help. It just adds the stress to my partner and then to me too. If you try to be happy people around you are happy and then you all can be happy together. You can’t change everything but you can change your attitude. That’ s what I want to learn!!

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  4. This is truly amazing, i love the way you swipe your sweetest feelings in your philosophical website world…. You inspire people and you know, i am encouraged by your writings…

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  5. So very true. I know someone whose smile lights up a whole room; people gather around it like a fire on a winter’s night. The opposite is twice as true…inciting their irritation (let alone anger) is so chilling, it all-but freezes the blood in your veins. An extreme example, I know—but nonetheless true—the impact of their mood on everyone around them is staggering. I couldn’t agree with you more, Saania.🌹

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  6. I read this again and I agree with you to a point. As far as I am concern, we should not inflict our moods on other people, including our family. Perhaps, when you are grown up you will realize that it is important not to be the person who on walking into the room seems to switch the light off. There is also no good to jump for joy when someone else has a headache. It is all about being aware of other people around you. Apologies for my lengthy diatribe.
    Thank you for your kind comments about my posts. Despite the above, I do admire you greatly.

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  7. Having a positive vibe can have a great impact to other people. We might now know how exactly but one thing’s for sure: it will definitely change a persons bad mood 🙂
    I would love to hear your thoughts on my site as well!

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  8. 100%! A manifestation of this is also on social media. I used to get affected by the bitterness, hatred & negativity of a few people on my SM lists. One day, I simply un – followed them.

    Now, when I log in to social media, I go in with a happy mood & come out with a happy mood.

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  10. I recently read a quote that touches on this topic: “similar to how water can’t sink a boat unless it gets inside the boat, so to should negative waves be to your mindset.” Do not allow the negativity around you sink your positive attitude!

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  11. This is so true. We may have a temporary change in our mood because of someone we may briefly encounter. But we may experience a semi-permanent change in who we are based on the people we hang around most. Hang around people with the qualities and traits that you WANT to develop or pick up. I always endeavor to be the dumbest person in the group or room because in this way I was sure to always learn something.

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  12. Our moods do affect others, and we can control that. We can also control being around downers. There are some situations where misery does love company. Sometimes there isn’t room enough to get away.

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