Life’s Little Indulgences

On my visit to Denmark and other Scandinavian countries like Finland and Norway, I wondered how these countries have been at the top of the happiness index charts for five consecutive years. Upon chatting with some Finnish, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish people, and doing a bit of a research, I found several reasons for why this was so. I happened to stumble across an interesting Danish concept of Hygges (pronounced hyoo-ga). It loosely translates to “Cosyness of the soul”, or a feeling of wellness and contentment attained from life’s little indulgences – things like leaving our evenings free to relax, having a family dinner, or staying indoors with a hot cup of cocoa.

Walking down the streets of Copenhagen, I saw every little café with blankets on the tables and fireplaces on the sides to keep us warm – a cosy city indeed! My family and I spend every weekend together either playing a board game, cooking something together, watching a movie on Netflix, or doing a fun activity. And we definitely feel the ‘Hygges’ during times like these. It is quite evident to me that we can retrieve happiness if we learn to appreciate the little things in life.

I also think that every day comes bearing its own gifts, we just need to untie the ribbons. One of my favourite restaurants to eat out in is T.G.I Friday’s. It is quite interesting to note how this restaurant is open not only on Fridays, but all week long. This is quite an accurate example of how most of us don’t live our lives. We wait for perfect conditions with the anticipation of good times, relaxation, and celebrations. We long, maybe for the last day of school, our birthday around the corner, or for the summer to begin. But during the wait, we waste much of our lives not living the present moment. Why can’t we feel that ‘Friday-Feeling’ every day? Why can’t we learn to find wellness in every day? Why can’t every day be special?

– SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

215 thoughts on “Life’s Little Indulgences

  1. Hygge is a wonderful thing, and I love candles, but all that exposure to candle smoke has caused an increased incidence of lung disease among Danes. But I agree, savor the little things every day.


  2. Good evening dear, such a warming post filled with important life reminders. “It is quite evident to me that we can retrieve happiness if we learn to appreciate the little things in life” is one of many. It is so true, magic and happiness come within these little moments. I would like to thank you for liking my latest pearls “The Spotlight of Fame Pearl 💡💚& Above The Bridge Pearl 🌉🌅”. It meant so much to me. You are always welcome at The Secret Garden. Have a lovely evening 🌸


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  5. 🎀Yes, I truly believe in this Hygges concept and also agreed to each and every single word of your write up. living in present is the best idea everyone should welcome. Appreciating little things in life, would definitely make a big difference.
    Keep up the good work Saania✨
    Much love💓

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  6. I liked this post, sweet and simple. Since I started in recovery over 25 yrs ago, I live a day at time. Really do. I don’t dwell on the past, as long as I am in right frame of thinking and I don’t fret about the future. This one is easier for me to do. I really don’t celebrate and put extra emphasis on “special” days except for my sobriety date, 2/25/95 and my birth date. Those are the dates I started my new lives so I believe they should be celebrated. It is important also to be with people who appreciate the small pleasures in life. Not everyone can do that. They have to have big things happen. Take a cruise, ride in a hot air balloon, bungee jump, buy a home they can’t afford, buy too many clothes, always wanting more and more. Never satisfied with the simple moments and simple joys of life. When I am having difficulty capturing the moment, I think back to my childhood and how easy it was to be in the moment and really take it all in. Thanks for sharing and allowing me to share as well.

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  7. It seems that I can conclude from your example that competition in America drives one to obsess on the future to win big later rather than enlighten us to the smaller victories that we can attain by just being mindful of the present each day. That’s a nice mantra for my yoga silent period.

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  8. What a thoughtful post. I couldn’t agree more. The greatest gift we give ourselves is being present with gratitude. Those small indulgences aren’t so small!
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I so appreciate your visit.

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  9. So so true…and how I love the concept of Hygges. It took me a long time to realise that ‘contentment’— inner cosiness—is the most precious of all states. People spend so much time chasing ‘happiness’— that fizzy feeling that can be so fleeting and swiftly fall flat—they don’t notice the everyday treasures that truly nourish your soul.

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  10. My first thought was how did you get 930 loike. I ahd to see for myself. I started reading your post and really enjoyed it. You have inspired me. Friday feeling is a great concept. Thank you for being you! 💗


  11. Great post, and loved your reference to hygge. I’m from Denmark originally but have lived in Australia for many years now. I love the sunny warm climate here but do miss the Danish hygge. It is special 😊


  12. I just came across this post and agree with it completely! Thanks for sharing.

    I actually wrote a similar post but revolving around what someone who’s drained from their work life can do to sustain that Friday feeling on my blog!

    The part about the cafe’s in Finland makes me want to visit the country asap! Loved the post


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