A Sweet Story

Happy Friday! Here’s a poem I wrote for my relatives for their 50th marriage anniversary. Being together (and happy) for fifty years is truly incredible, and their love story immensely amazes me! I hope you enjoy it, let me know in the comments below.

We fall in love
Hoping to share a life together
With someone special
Who will be there forever
An emotional bond
Where the hearts get paired
Where the bliss is shared
As well as each despair
Enduring life
The thicks and thins
The joys and sorrows
The losses and wins
To stick together
Through uphill climbs
And sharing laughter
In happy times
Love brings you sunshine
When all you see is rain
Love makes you smile
When all you feel is pain
Fifty years of togetherness
Bring out a meaning today
You both have truly shown us
That love can find a way

⁃ SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

380 thoughts on “A Sweet Story

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