Let’s Spread our Sparkles!

Here is a poem about letting out our inner sparkles! (And today is my birthday!🎂)

Let’s spread our sparkles
Wherever we are
Like the effulgent moon
And the scintillating star
The world isn’t fair
It doesn’t always listen
But let us be grateful
For the life we’re given
The daunting diseases
The cataclysmic wars
Take hundreds of lives
But we still have ours
The ability to wake up
The opportunity to live,
To start another day with
The power to dream big
It’s easy to hate,
To be a scoundrel and a snide
Let’s retrieve the kindness
Found deep inside
Let’s flash our lights
When it’s so dark
For it’s time for us
To ignite our spark
The anger we spew
The fears we feel
The problems around us
Only love can heal
We refuse to be kind
And unfurl love along the way
But when we open our eyes and see
It’s what this Earth needs today
It may go unseen
It may go unheard
But it’s these tiny bits of love
That will overwhelm our world…

⁃ SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

390 thoughts on “Let’s Spread our Sparkles!

  1. Beautiful upbeat poem Saania. I wrote one along that same line one New Years. It was my resolution for the coming years.

    I’ll smile at a stranger and I’ll smile at a friend
    I’ll smile many times each day until each day does end
    I’ll smile over nothing and I’ll smile with good cause
    I’ll smile at the greatness and I’ll smile at the flaws
    I’ll smile at the failures, as well as all success
    I’ll smile during good times and the times I’m feeling stress
    My smile will be infectious and I hope it will allure
    So that maybe all my smiles will some others soon procure.

    I’ve followed your blog. Your really write in a positive vein. I think you are wise beyond your years.

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  2. Hi Saaniasparkle. I really liked this blog, not least because it echoes my thoughts on life. I thought I’d comment and was surprised to see you are only sixteen (or is that seventeen now?)
    I’m the ripe old age of sixty-four, which you probably cannot align to, and each day I follow the ideology you talk about. Your writing is clear and full (I read one of your poems as well) and spoke volumes beyond your youth. If you will accept some advice from someone at the other end of the age spectrum to you, try to keep hold of the values you currently hold. From experience, I can tell you it is easy to lose your way and get caught up in life. Sadly, it’s usually tragedy that jolts you back into the mindset of, treat every day as if it’s your last. A final note, if you don’t mind, is for me to thank you for revitalising my faith in the young. Your poem was very eloquent and used words that I wouldn’t have expected to come from someone so young. Perhaps I have become jaundiced by the prominence of ‘text speak’ and jargon that seems to prevail in today’s society. It was refreshing to find the vocabulary being used to its greater extent. Enjoy your life and continue enriching others.


    1. 6-26-2012 12:26pm Jun3

      Somber Anguish

      Faces built like porcelain, burning oke- ovals ‘ rain; lashing winter – words lost in lose gossip” ends of no desire

      – lies covered up sayin’ once upon time drag down deep – years lingering through bushes; ( Castellano } overshadowing… locking wooden doors ‘ windows days case worth fallin’

      sour,! each called; fewest gone wait… crystal blue I ley- kiss’ I break… skeletal visions throw— I crack adult life.. body { edge of me }

      numb before one Jew single hand; ” nail hold walls up ” flashbacks

      dreaming may, bouncy places: {one told with a laugh! }

      Open document settings
      Open publish panel


    1. Do not trust Ell3n DeGeneres she’s an unforgiving a whole — Desires too get punched out , making everything she said about – ” getting wet ” & you they should go live with her mother. She has an ego unforgiving even after crying in her dressing room & posing as a care aide; named Diana Curtis.- she thinks its ok not to have friends i heard everything out-side my bed- room window


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