The Struggle Ends When Gratitude Begins

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Anonymous

When things seem tough, it is so easy for all the positivity to lose its place in my heart. But as I am beginning to consult life in a deeper way, I am starting to find an endless amount of things to be grateful for.

When I see homeless people from time to time, having to sleep on the streets all night, every night, I often think to myself, “What right do I have to show my frustration and complain about the tiniest of things that bother me?”

I live in a world where I get to wake up in the morning, breathe normally, and have a beating heart. I get to enjoy today, and hopefully wake up again tomorrow. I have the loveliest family, the most incredible friends, the yummiest food, that sometimes I feel like we take so many things for granted, including the simplest of things: life itself. That, no matter how we think of it, is the biggest gift that is given to us. Diseases, poverty, famines, storms, and droughts take hundreds and thousands of lives each year, but we are lucky- we still get to survive, we still get to exist, we are still able to dream.

I live in a place where the summers get blazing hot, and the rain sometimes comes deluging down. I feel grateful having a roof over my head when it is cold, hot, windy, or when I can hear the rain beating hard on my window.

I get to endure life’s tiny pleasures. The sunrise, the sunset, a peaceful walk in the nature, the comforting warmth of the sun on my face…

The thing is, our bodies evolved in forests. We didn’t evolve to need anything ‘extra’ in order to survive. Why then, do we always yearn for more? Didn’t our ancestors survive without attaining these extra needs? Wasn’t water, food, and shelter the only thing they needed to make it to another day?
When I think about the times I have complained about not having enough, I realize that there are some people who don’t even have access to the simplest of things.

So even during these hard times, I am so grateful to be alive- to be around my family, cooking, baking, playing board games, (I have even been doing house chores!), that I feel simply blessed to be here.


-SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️


302 thoughts on “The Struggle Ends When Gratitude Begins

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    In these times of Coronavirus, we do find so many people in quarantine complaining, whilst they have now so much time for themselves.

    For many, it should be the ideal moment to get their house cupboards and house cleaned and to put themselves at ease taking time for consideration and meditation.

    Hopefully, lots of people shall now being able to find several little things of much pressure value and shall come to appreciate much more what is around them in the house as well as outside in nature.

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    … ./¨La lucha termina cuando comienza la gratitud _”Gratitude convierte lo que tenemos en suficiente.” – Anónimo -Vivo en un mundo donde me despierto por la mañana, respiro normalmente y tengo un corazón que late-Vivo en un lugar donde los veranos se calientan y la lluvia a veces se diluye. ¿Qué derecho tengo para mostrar mi frustración y quejarme de las cosas más pequeñas que me molestan?” _Cuando veo a personas sin hogar/Que me siento simplemente bendecido de estar aquí¨. [Yaqui -tiqui/Tiqui – /chubesqui_Charqui -saltimbanqui¨]

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  3. Well said! I really like your post, to reflect on our worries and compare to others who may not be as fortunate. Even in the smallest things. Great job and God bless. BTW Thanks for the follow and likes.

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  4. Life is all in how you look at it which you captured so well in this. I find when I am leading with love and being grateful for the many things I do have, internally especially, my outer world reflects that. Inspiration my dear is so needed in our world right now. Thank you for being you and sharing yours🙏❤😉


  5. This is a wonderful reminder that we have so much to be grateful for and we should stop long enough to reflect on those things regularly. Thank you and thank you for stopping by my blog and following me.

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  6. Very well written. I’m glad you’re struggled have dwindled since you’ve achieved gratefulness. I also have gratefulness, I just struggle with fear. Like at any minute what if it is all just swept away. How will I ever survive or manage. I’ve been at deaths door, on life support. You would think that would change a person, at least for the better. I think it did the opposite. I’m a bit selfish in my thinking, I’m very grateful for what I have, but how could I ever survive without them? They aren’t mine, they are just “loaned” from God. Which has always struck fear in me, losing who and what I love, losing stability. But I’m so glad to see somebody else that is able to come out of the struggle.


  7. Thanks my new friend; and thanks for joining my blog too.

    It’s never about what we have; and always about what we give that makes the difference in our own lives and the lives of others as well.

    May The Holy Spirit guide your life path; you’re on the right track!


  8. Saania,
    Wonderful post! I absolutely agree how vital it is to appreciate the small things in life we usually take for granted. Especially with that the current situation of the world. Therefore, like you I believe it is important (maybe more so now than ever) to express gratitude! I wrote a post on the current importance of gratitude along with 10 simple/effective strategies to help people implement this into their everyday life. I would love your thoughts on it!

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  9. thanks for your true thoughts and of course you are right. To complete , yes we always have to reflect our life, even if people are not content, lonely, poor, ill or hopeless, for many reasons, to struggle, to find no way out , anyway we never should stop to have hope, we never should stop to have dreams, we never should forget were we are, were we come from, everybody is able to change, your words are really helpful for everybody. Not to forget everybody needs to have a task, to feed your soul, to be recognized, to be respected, never stop searching and looking and regarding the others, who are in some trouble situations, who do not have the power to find out , to
    have hope for a better life , we should not forget to respect, if we are not able to help.

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  10. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about these hard times. I live in Italy, with my wife and a 4-year-daughter. We work both from home and get no help from anyone with my daughter. But this is fine. The problem is, my daughter will be without school until September, maybe even longer. Starting this month, according to our government, more flexibility will be allowed in going out and in seeing family; so I will try to create some private teaching in very, very small groups, also because she needs contact with other children. This is very important (but difficult, because many irresponsible and security-obsessed parents are planning to keep their children isolated for many months to come, with themselves keeping going out to work, which is an unbearable contradiction). Adults can renounce seeing thier friends for months and even for years; but for children the age of my daughter friendship is one of the basic things of life you wrote about in your blog. One of those things which make life worth living. And friendship is essential not only to have pleasant days, but – which is more important – to build personality, in such a crucial age. No government can take this basic human right away from her for more than 2 or 3 months. So far, it’s been 2 months. Let’s wait and see.

    Have a nice day,


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    1. I so agree Alberto. The world is being by panicking non thinkers, which just leads to more confusion.
      As you say an important part of life is socialising with others particularly at a young age. It’s when we learn most and develop most.
      I hope for all our sakes reason prevails soon.

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  11. This is your fourth post that I read… And like many others here, I have become a fan.
    Thank you for existing during my time. 😃
    Sending you loads of love. Keep blogging. 🤗


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