The Enchanted Forest

Not far from sight,
Lies a forest I’ve never seen
The trees and the bushes
Glimmeringly green 

I take tiny steps
As I walk into the mist
To a world of enchantment
That I never knew could exist 

The day has begun
With the sun wide awake
The endearing tweeting of birds
The dawn chorus they create 

Sweet-scented berries
Giving a delectable forest scent
Squirrels scampering down trees
To try some of them 

Cheerful rabbits
With their fur, snow white
With their tiny pink noses
They frolic in delight 

I pick up a flower
With a silky white petal
It’s alluring fragrance
Leaves me in an Elysian fettle 

Behind a lush tree
Of a juicy blue berry
Lies a jewel-clear river,
A world of faery 

Not a speck of dust
Seen in the pristine blue tint
The scintillating sun kissed water
Giving out its gorgeous golden glint 

It burbles all along,
As the gentle wind blows
Like scattered pieces of glitter
The angelic water flows 

A galaxy of dragonflies
All flying in one way
Brushing past the surface,
And then buzzing away 

I slowly dip my hand
To give it a try
And a chilly quick shiver
Runs down my spine 

The glacial wintry water
Trickles down my throat
The coldest it can be
Yet I keep wanting more 

The soothing comfort
Of the mystical forest sound
Immensely comforting
Proliferating all around 

As it gets late,
It’s soon time to leave
But this utopian world
Is such a wonder to see 

An Enchanted forest
That feels like home
A world full of mysteries
Where viruses don’t roam! 

But I step outside
Because I know I can’t stay
So I promise myself
To come back another day

-SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

229 thoughts on “The Enchanted Forest

  1. Bonjour Saania et merci pour ce très beau poème. La nature a son équilibre et comme nous sommes partis loin de la forêt enchantée nous perdons notre équilibre.
    Voici la traduction française d’une partie de ton poème
    “Comme il se fait tard,
    Il est bientôt temps de partir
    Mais ce monde utopique
    C’est une telle merveille de voir

    Une forêt enchantée
    C’est comme à la maison
    Un monde plein de mystères
    Là où les virus ne se déplacent pas!”


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