Embracing Change

Having lived in many different countries, I have had to deal with change all my life. It does get scary. There is always something to lose and always something to let go.

But the harsh truth of life is that, nothing lasts forever. Keeping that in mind, we then need to learn how to accept this change.

“Accepting change is all about embracing the unknown” We never know where life is taking us, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by change. But to accept it, we need to learn how we can embrace it with the circumstances we are given. We can have certain expectations of how we’d like for things to turn out, but we can never really affix ourselves to that result. So if we lower our expectations we have from life, the easier it becomes to accept any change.

When things around us change, we also start to grow as a person. We see new things, we learn new things, and we gain knowledge and wisdom along the way. It often even forces us to adapt in ways we’ve never experienced before, which is a major driver of personal growth and development. What’s more, in my case, I have had the chance to meet so many different people and learn about so many different cultures from around the world. So this type of a change even makes you a very interesting person, with loads of stories to tell. (I’m not going to lie, it does give me bragging rights!🙈)

Change has also impelled me to face my fears. Life can put us at any situation at any time, and things like losing the people we love, losing the things we love, moving away from home, are really quite terrifying. But since we can never escape fear, we learn how to face it when we walk through change.

Lastly, the most important thing to remember, is to learn from the experience. Change can easily leave us distraught and miserable. But how can we accept it if we keep on dwelling on what could be? Let change teach you things you would never have learnt otherwise. You’ll later realise that the lessons you absorb from change are eminently profound. For example, over the years, change has taught me to be patient. Aristotle once said, “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” Time is never in our hands, and so we must have the patience to wait for what we want.

In a nutshell, the entire history of the world can be defined by continual change, evolution and development. Change is an integral part of life and existence, and so what we need to learn is how to gracefully embrace it.

Aside from that, wishing you a merry Christmas and a splendid New Year. Let’s strive through any change, and make the best of 2020! 🤗


-SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

206 thoughts on “Embracing Change

  1. I love this post. One of my first blog post was entitled “embracing change” I wrote it in 2014, where I talked about my relocation from Jamaica to BVI. It is good to embrace change because it will open new blessings in your life. Have a blessed new year.

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  2. From the other (far) end of the age spectrum, I’d add one more thing to your very wise comments about change. For me, at 80, with my body doing things I was not prepared for it to do, it’s not just about accepting change … it’s about reaching out and embracing it. It’s hard to explain, but this is my life now, and accepting doesn’t feel quite alive enough. I want to say … yes, this is who I am. No, it’s not who I was, true. But I’m here, and as present as ever.

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  3. I’ve not faced as much or as drastic change as you, Saania, but we’ve moved twelve times (within the same state) thus far, and I can agree with every positive outcome you’ve listed here. I, too, am thankful that, in spite of the difficulty and discomfort of change, the delightful people I came to know along the way have been an incredible blessing! I hate to think of missing out on their presence and influence in my life.

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  4. Il est fort sympathique de vous lire et de “Voir”, de comprendre que vous appréhendez la vie avec appétit, selon un précepte antique (“comme un fruit”)….
    Oui, le changement permanent et son appropriation permet de cheminer et de rassembler de nos vies les fragments épars tant de nos aspirations que de notre histoire unique et personnelle (Mémoire cellulaire et profonde). Et de ces changements parcourus, au fil des rencontres et expériences, trouver sa place, trouver son identité et il arrive le moment où tout permet de réaliser son humanité, sa vie…, C’est une sorte d’alchimie de soi-même, par soi-même, en relation Pleine et entière au Monde et à la Vie….
    L’Amour est l’ingrédient qui offre la Lumière pour “Voir”, au sens spirituel, mais corporel aussi….

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  5. It seems you have developed a philosophy not so different from the Buddhists. They remind us not to become attached. Of course, their view of life tends to be darker, seeing the world in terms of suffering. Your writing was incredible enough to read without noticing your age. In light of that knowledge, you are even more remarkable!

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  6. Bonjour Mon Amie et belle SANIA
    Ce jour un petit bonheur passe chez toi

    Un petit bonheur c’est dès le réveil
    de pouvoir se lever et de pouvoir marcher
    C’est d’entendre le chant mélodieux des oiseaux
    qui expriment leur joie pour ce jour nouveau
    C’est de voir le soleil pointer à l’horizon
    dont les chauds rayons feront bientôt éclore les bourgeons
    Un petit bonheur c’est le rire d’un enfant
    qui nous transmet sa joie d’être là
    Un petit bonheur oui un petit bonheur
    C’est d’avoir un ami avec qui partager
    les joies et les soucis quelquefois rencontrés
    C’est aussi d’admirer un joli paysage
    et savoir apprécier le rythme des saisons
    Tous ces petits bonheurs qui croisent notre chemin
    il faut les attraper, savoir en profiter
    car en leur compagnie la vie est si jolie !
    un petit bonheur un petit bonheur pour toi pour toujours
    Amitié , belle journée ou soirée
    Bisous Bernard

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  7. It may be at 20, maybe at 30, but it is the beginning of life. The accumulated experience will take the right course if we know how to use them. The continuous changes of countries, leave more lessons but it is only within one, that we will give the real value. Greetings.

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  8. “There is always something to lose and always something to let go.” This is such a mature & true statement. The moment I accepted the changes life threw at me, I stopped being afraid. In fact, I now look forward to change. Well – written!

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  9. Change is definitely part of life, I think most humans by nature are adaptable. Maybe some choose not to or think they can´t but I believe we can all adapt to change and real harsh changes in our lives. Nice read as always “Sparkle” Pilosophess ( see? I just made up a new word out of Philosophy, that is change)

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  10. While the moving and changing can be disrupting, as you note, that’s definitely how we learn and grow. I think travel and being introduced to new cultures is in many ways the best type of learning we can get. It expands our horizons and gives us a 360 degree point of view. It’s funny, my daughter and I set up a webpage for our family’s genealogy. By doing so, we were able to meet a lot of relatives of ours that we had never known. It was interesting to compare the family members. Those who had moved away from where our original immigrants had settled, and who had gotten an education, were so much different from the family members who basically lived within a 30 miles radius of where they were born. Those who had traveled had such a broader perspective of life, were much more respective and tolerant towards people from different cultures, and I believe much happier and more fulfilled in their lives 🙂

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