What haven’t you taken the time to learn about?

It is a big world out there. A world that keeps on growing each day. With so much knowledge and amazing new discoveries, it is merely impossible that you know absolutely everything. So… what haven’t you taken the time to learn about?

Curiosity is the trait of a genius. Geniuses never stop questioning the world around them, they form questions and then search for answers in their minds. Because of the ceaseless and relentless questioning, their minds are always active. Just like a muscle gets stronger and stronger with exercise, our mind gets wiser and wiser with the continual mental exercise when we feed it with curiosity.

All of us spend around a third of our lives sleeping. And let’s admit it, we all love to sleep! Considering how much time we spend doing it, have we ever wondered where dreams come from?

Many of us love gazing at the night sky. But have we ever questioned the universe? Have we ever wondered, How are stars formed? Do all stars go supernova? What came before the Big Bang? What will happen if two galaxies collide?

Instead of accepting the world as it is, make it a habit to dig in deeper beneath the surface of what is around you by asking these intelligent questions. (Questions like What, why, when, who, where, and how are, quite surely, the best friends of curious people!). And these questions lead us to dive beneath the surface of common acceptance to unravel the details driving the process.

Mark Twain once said, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” Sounds weird, right?

But what we can actually bring out from this is that beyond the world of thick books and boring lessons, lies a world of wonder and curiosity. We often see learning as something boring. But if we see it as a burden, there’s no way we will want to dig deeper into anything we learn. A curious mind sees learning as fun, and so it will always have a natural inclination to ‘find out more’. So, never label anything as boring. If you are always opening doors to discover and learn more, it’s more than likely to bring excitement into your life.

Be open to challenges. Challenges are what curious people live for. Stretch the boundaries of your mind, and you will be surprised by how interesting this world is. It’s a pity if we don’t take the chances to expand our horizons, there is just so much out there to enrich our lives.

“Never stop learning, Because life never stops teaching.”

You are not only a student at school. You can learn all throughout your life if you start to see it that way. As Albert Einstein said, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” So, don’t learn because you have to, learn because you want to.

That being said, always be curious. Have a burning desire to know more than you do, and try to look for answers (sometimes there is no such thing as a right or wrong answer). Collect as much knowledge as you can, because you will never reach a point in life where there is nothing to learn and no knowledge to gain.

Always Question, Always Wonder

-SaaniaSparkle 🧚🏻‍♀️

215 thoughts on “What haven’t you taken the time to learn about?

  1. Dear Saniya!!your post is most inspirational.i love you all thoughts related this post.you are right ,dear!!the mind demands the exercise.if we can not care our mind’s demand after being a intellectual person then our educations have no value.right?🌷dear!!

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  2. This is a really excellent post about a subject, curiosity, that is sometimes treated with contempt. I am endlessly curious about everything – people, planets, animals. This curiosity makes me want to volunteer, check on my neighbors and make life living. Recently I had a bout of depression after the death of my pet and my psychiatrist urged me to find my curiosity again. It was great advice.

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  3. Se ad una tappa della tua vita, diciamo cinquanta-sessanta anni , non ti si è spostata una virgola, allora non hai capito niente. Purtroppo , di questi individui ne ho un catalogo: prossimi alla morte ma uguali a se stessi. Non hanno capito l’iter della vita e la sua EVOLUZIONE.

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  4. The citation of Mark Twain make inspiration.
    It’s maybe curious, but have a real sense.
    The instruction is the fact of school.
    Your personnal education is the fact of your personnal experience of the life, your curiosity of the World…
    That’s make your personnal adventure of life…
    ( I don’t know if my Idea is clear, my english note very … Well !)
    Miss G 😊

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  5. Inspirational post. Learning something is a good exercise for our brain no matter what age we are in. I’m 76 and decided to give my brain a workout. I bought a piano on my 76th birthday just over a month ago and learning how to play the piano.

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    1. I’ve often felt and thought this! This was one of my major trauamas in my most difficult times. It’s really true, especially for a curious mind.

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  6. Yes, you never stop learning – new skills or just knowledge about the world. No need to stop thinking either as you will never get all the answers. When I was little I used to ask my mother ‘but who made God?’

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      1. You’re welcome! Same to you :).

        Oh, that is a cool effect… how the butterfly appears in the text box before you type! It actually encourages to you type xD.

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  7. I have felt like this for so long…and I don’t meet enough kindred souls!

    You really just described me and my thoughts so well. I’ve had a tough time the last several years as OCD has got worse and it’s contributed to me reading less and less, especially the last 2 where an OCD habit really robbed me of reading.

    I used to read all the time, any book from the science & nature section in the library, and it’s just been so incredible. So, I’ve had a lot of frustration and guilt about the ‘lost time’. But those feelings also led me into writing, when they peaked in the initial creative spark to start my blog. And since then, I HAVE been reading a lot— on wordpress, which has really helped to overcome this reading OCD thing. I just need to take the last step and plunge back into the books :), and re-enter that fascinating, infinite world of wonder.

    It’s so nice to read your thoughts! Thanks.

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    1. Hi there, Robin. Thank-you for your comment. I’m so sorry that you have had to go through this, but I’m glad you are able to read here on WordPress.
      Reading books truly take you to a world of wonder, and I really hope you get to re-enter that world again soon!
      All the best, and happy weekend! 🧚🏻‍♀️


      1. pleasure my friend. though i was not activ for a while due to some personal constraints, i often like to visit my age old blog, btw i have a community blog with 20+ authors.. you are welcome to check it out..

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  8. Just the other day someone was mentioning we stop living the day we stop learning! And isn’t that true. Rather than fretting about things that we cannot control, rather than complaining and being grumpy we could use that time to read, to learn, to ask and cultivate our thinking.

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  9. You are like I was younger, philosophying and analyzing everything. Now I don’t have time to do that anymore. I’m faced with reality which is slapping on my face so hard these days. There’s no capasity left to philosophy. Those (good) days are gone!

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      1. Not good for sure! It’s not nice when life is wakeing you up too heavily but I think it happens to everyone some time and then you’r back to basics again, If you know what I mean?

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