Anatomy of Sadness

After my recent post ‘Anatomy of Happiness’, here’s a poem I wrote that describes sadness, because life is a roller coaster…


The feeling you get

That you’re all alone,

In a desert of misery

No one to call

Where reducing to tears

Feels like the only way,

Just bearing this feeling

Day by day

You turn to people

But they’re not there,

You try to run

But you don’t know where

No glimpse of a soul

To set you free,

For miles and miles

Only darkness to see

Hours fly by,

It just gets colder

Your continual tears

Long for a shoulder

The spirits of the air

It all feels like lies,

You wish it were a dream

When you opened your eyes….



160 thoughts on “Anatomy of Sadness

  1. I can’t describe how amazing that poem was in words but I can say you are very talented and shouldn’t ever stop writing. God has given you an amazing gift don’t lose it. Thanks for writing and sharing this.


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