Forget the past, remember the lesson

The past often traps us in this overwhelming bubble that seems to hold us back from doing more. Events from the past seem to have a mind of their own. Memories keep recirculating when all you want is for them to disappear. Indeed, how nasty! 

But as I always say, our happiness is our responsibility alone, and not anyone else’s. 

Healing is a process, and like any other process it takes time. Just like to heal a wound we need to stop touching it, to move on with life we need to let go of the past. So many times we feel that things could have gone better and so we feel anger, guilt, or shame. These feelings come because the actions we did or the things that happened to us are not in line with our current morals and values. But if anything, these are cues to push harder. I always like to believe that even the worst of things have something to teach us, and while it can be difficult to always apprehend this, living is a process of developing oneself which only happens when we continuously learn. And the truth is, there is always something to learn, and there is no better way of getting out of this bubble and moving on than to learn from the past. We all have our weaknesses, which when left unaddressed, limit our potential for impact and significance. Discover them – and that can only happen when reflecting upon the past. Every new day presents the opportunity to become a better person on a better road destined for a better future. The talents we use to navigate and provide value to this world define the lives we live and the change we can offer. And by recalling our strengths in the past, we can recognise our opportunities in the present, in a better way.

Because after all, that which does not kill us outright makes us stronger. Our pasts have the power to bring us down to our knees, but an even stronger power to make things better. Accept that, and trust that! 

“Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.” – Jean Paul Sartre



142 thoughts on “Forget the past, remember the lesson

  1. i read it again…very slowly…sheer brilliance…the articulation…the thoughts…just amazing…makes me understand…humbleness is an attitude that should be cultivated and should not be lost at any cost…for words of wisdom should be embraced from anyone with open arms regardless of any attributes/characteristics…this reminds me of a proverb in the Tamil language

    “சிறு துரும்பும் பல் குத்த உதவும்”

    which translates to “Even a tiny stick can be used as a toothpick”

    We are all just tiny sticks helping each other to realise and achieve the higher purpose of life.

    Hats off to you!

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  2. Exactly my feelings about past. Letting go and learning the lesson is the best thing to go. Also i would say, we often are disconnected from ourselves, which is the reason for the situations that are presented in life. They are there to direct you to your inner self. I learnt it the hard way.

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  3. I love this and it is so true. There is something about the past that can be like Velcro to us. Never the less we do need to explore its impact on us. I love the idea of learning the lesson cause its only then we feel truly free to move on and we have to forgive ourselves too.

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  4. Please allow me to go a little off track with this comment.

    You have a tremendous gift for writing. Let me encourage you to compose something new everyday. Write it in cursive. Maintain a pretty penmanship. Let me also encourage you to read as many different articles from other writers, as possible, so that you will learn from the thoughts of those of various backgrounds and talents. Be sure to include the classics of literature in your list of things to be read. In any work place, no one will be able to advance if they can not properly comprehend things that have been written, as directives or as any other form of composition. It is a must that people, neatly, put their thoughts on paper, in easily readable memos, as well as in any other higher forms of documentation. . I wish you well; please stay in touch. Learn the purpose of the semi-colon; “really!”

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      1. No, actually google translate is the worst way of learning a language in my opinion… I have an app called ‘Duolingo’. That’s the better alternative.


      2. Ohhhhhh… thank you… for letting me know…I will try that… yes sometime I find Google translate muddles everything and confuses further 😁


      3. Bom dia..nome bonito. Vc é DE onde? Agradeço por estar conosco em nosso espaço e espero que estejas gostando…bjs de luz em seu coração..parabéns pelo seu espaço


  5. Good afternoon lovely Saania, the past is something what we can’t delete from our memory, flash backs come without expecting and sometimes it may be very painful, we can’t control it, but yes as you said, we can learn from it and except what happened:)we can’t change the past, but we can try to be a better version of us each day:) i think if we live each day meaningfully the flash back lay come less often, if we live a busy life, ofc we sit on the sofa all day in front on the tv we have bigger chance to have flash back, very important post, thank you for visiting my blog and for your huge support, have a wonderful weekend❤️

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  6. Great post. 👌 I especially liked your analogy to the physical wound, to stop touching it or it won’t get better. At the same time, we’re not actually running away from the wound.
    Hope your posts reach everyone and helps them to evolve.

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