Cherishing my childhood

Childhood for me was simply perfect.

When I recall all the  countless memories, all I can think of is laughter, joy and only happiness.

The age of about 1-7 had so immensly special moments, that whenever I think of them, I just want to go back. 

I never had to worry about anything, all I had to do was scream and I got what I wanted!

I never really had any responsibilities, except for sleeping, eating, laughing and playing, and then repeating that…

I was always around my friends and didn’t really have to worry about losing them… everything was easy.

As I am growing older from child to a teenager, there are obvious changes. Lots of responsibilities, listening to people responsibly, bearing with inherently unbearable situations just to be polite. As for friends, you really have to be careful about their feelings, relationships get more serious, and it’s definitely not as easy as it used to be. Of course then studies also come in place, and basically you have to start taking things a little more seriously to be somewhere in life.

However, None of these changes above are wrong, in fact they are all part of the elixir of growing up. But then, We can get nostalgic. Pragmatically, I do want to grow up and live as an individual, but, on the other hand, in a very childish way, I keep on reminiscing those days. And maybe that’s the way out of the dilemma: ever so often, giving vent to the child inside you. Go out in the rain, play in the park, have a weekend off with your family to a faraway place. Go ahead and live your life, and never let the child inside you leave, so instead of dwelling upon those moments and feeling sad, bring them with you in every possible way… and always keep smiling! 

Even to mention, I am so grateful to have so loving parents who love me exactly the same as they did a few years ago, so that didn’t change at all! 

Dylan Lauren once said “Candy is childhood, the best and bright moments you wish could have lasted forever.”  He could very much be talking about me! 

And to end off with, here’s a typical minion quote: 



-Saania Saxena

115 thoughts on “Cherishing my childhood

  1. What wonderful writing . You have improved so much . I fell so much for these quotes .Keep on with such interesting topics . Miss u guys .And carry on with the writing .❤️💋

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    1. ‘bearing with inherently unbearable situations just to be polite….’ Saania, so beautifully you’ve managed to bring out the conflicting emotions of growing up years…the dilemmas of having to embrace change…the dynamics of friendships and more…Keep them coming Saania! Well done!!

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  2. So sweet and true! I’m choosing to be grown when the moments need me to be. But when I’m with my children, I like to just let lose and remember how fun it was to be silly and free. Time does go by far too quickly not to stop and enjoy the little things in life – like candy. 😊🙏🏽

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  3. So sweet of you Saania! Now I wish if I can go back in those beautiful days.. Ah.. Life! 😍 I think that’s why we believe stay young at heart, no matter how old you are! 💛Beautiful read dear!! 😊

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  4. Alle meli nanhi si channi. You will always be a little princess for mumma and me. Whenever you feel nostalgic, let’s just run out and get wet in the rain 😎
    Or maybe we can do pillow fight till mumma gets upset 😂

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  5. Woww Saania.. Once again very well written. It took me for a moment back to childhood while reading.. Well Done and Keep posting more articles..:)

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  6. Those were mirthful days, filled with oblivion of ephemera.
    I really cherish those moments. Also I am really thankful to my parents who checked us at every point and helped to nourish the core values.

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  7. My. Unique. Saania. Wonderfull writting Improved so much actually One is always a kid Child from inside. Carefree loving. No desire happy with small things. When child heart is pure no bad thoughts no hate. No comparison. Only with a pure heart loving heart a child grows but as he becomes elder he learns many bad things my. I. So all impurities comes in heart childhood is so precious and good. Koi Lauta de meray betay hue din But one should try to preserve his or her child hood however the age may be Bacchey hi Barney raho jindgi bhar ander se from outside Do and fulfill all the duties. Study. And other things one has to do happily but The unique qualities of Bachman must be preserved. Inside so that one is happy and can give happiness to others. Saania I am proud of you you are blessed to have such a nice parents and other relatives they all love you so much keep this writting work go on dadi. Sudha

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  8. 😘Saania….this is something I can totally relate to 🤗
    And also got nostalgic while reading it✨
    👍You are an Amazing writer.
    Keep it up 👍

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  9. A joy of a grandfather is unmeasured when he sees and watches the progress of his grandad.

    There rise from a small child to teens is full of joy amidst the burden of daily life.I still keep various charming moments of their growth in my heart and the same give me strength to me to fight my old age.
    The Bachpan of each one is a treasure in his closests.It is a life without responsi unity or consequences just to live joyfully.That is why a poetess pray to the God his Bhachpan.Another remembers his childhood in his song,what it was to be a part of rains with his paper boat going with down with rain water.
    All said and done Adulthood is not childhood nor so easy a play.Each has its good and bad phases the difference is that children play is so easy that only positive of life is there no mind process to interfere in their joy,Laugh and even smile.

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  10. Great post!! I totally agree with you.
    Being an adult doesn’t mean that we should abandon that child inside us. We should find every possible way to bring out that child in us and let it play in the happiness of those moments.That’s the way we can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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  11. I totally totally agree that yes growth and learning are part of life and everything is inevitable but how beautifully you explained how much we miss being that happy little kid again when ignorance was bliss.
    Loved the article

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  12. Hey Saania!
    I love how you’ve interpreted your own experience in this piece.
    This is an inspirational reminder that no matter our age, we should still let the youth within us radiate.

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  13. Good to see you growing up not just in age but in your thought process too…. You will always be the little princess for your Mom, Dad and family members.

    Very well written again!

    We all must make sure to keep the child inside us alive 🙂

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    1. I have just been thinking and recalling my memories from the past and how much it makes me smile. However, we can’t live in the past, so it’s important to simply smile and while you can, never loose the child within you 🙂 …it’s a thought that I often thought, So while writing this I kind of answered my question.

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      1. Wow I am so glad that you did that Saania 😊. I am so happy for you. Memories are tides of emotions that sweeps inside our heart, sometimes not allowing us feel and listen to it. I am glad that you found your way through this personal journey and rediscovered your memories 😊

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  14. Hey Saania☺️
    I’m spellbound.
    Really glad to read your beautiful essays.
    Seems that you have really enjoyed your childhood.
    Your article was very well written for your age.
    The words were simple but that’s what added the charm to your article .
    Keep up he work and continue writing

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  15. I just read your last post and enjoyed it very much. I recall a number of fun things when I was young out of your words. I admit your ideas are inside of all of us right. I smile thinking of lots of incredible times growing up. Thanks for sharing and sorry for being late to read and comment Saania.

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