Cherishing my childhood

Childhood for me was simply perfect.

When I recall all the  countless memories, all I can think of is laughter, joy and only happiness.

The age of about 1-7 had so immensly special moments, that whenever I think of them, I just want to go back. 

I never had to worry about anything, all I had to do was scream and I got what I wanted!

I never really had any responsibilities, except for sleeping, eating, laughing and playing, and then repeating that…

I was always around my friends and didn’t really have to worry about losing them… everything was easy.

As I am growing older from child to a teenager, there are obvious changes. Lots of responsibilities, listening to people responsibly, bearing with inherently unbearable situations just to be polite. As for friends, you really have to be careful about their feelings, relationships get more serious, and it’s definitely not as easy as it used to be. Of course then studies also come in place, and basically you have to start taking things a little more seriously to be somewhere in life.

However, None of these changes above are wrong, in fact they are all part of the elixir of growing up. But then, We can get nostalgic. Pragmatically, I do want to grow up and live as an individual, but, on the other hand, in a very childish way, I keep on reminiscing those days. And maybe that’s the way out of the dilemma: ever so often, giving vent to the child inside you. Go out in the rain, play in the park, have a weekend off with your family to a faraway place. Go ahead and live your life, and never let the child inside you leave, so instead of dwelling upon those moments and feeling sad, bring them with you in every possible way… and always keep smiling! 

Even to mention, I am so grateful to have so loving parents who love me exactly the same as they did a few years ago, so that didn’t change at all! 

Dylan Lauren once said “Candy is childhood, the best and bright moments you wish could have lasted forever.”  He could very much be talking about me! 

And to end off with, here’s a typical minion quote: 



-Saania Saxena

115 thoughts on “Cherishing my childhood

  1. Glad You had a nice childhood, my Dear Saania! …One thought: As Your Grandfather, if I had been closer to You in Your life, You would have found that No amount of screaming would have budged me; and ‘That would have made Your latter years Easier, instead of the Unbearable Tensions that You talk about!’

    I hope You and All parents take a thought from this.

    Love and Blessings. 🙂

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  2. Hey Sanania, ed it.thanks for checking out a recent post, and for following what I write. I’m glad you enjoy it. At fourteen years of age I would still classify someone at that age a child. Enjoy it while you can, and all that goes with childhood, you’ll be an adult long enough.

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  3. Lovely memories of childhood-which are impossible to forget.after teenage,we should be alert about what is going is true that happy childhood makes the person able to face the all circumstances💕💕💕💕💕.

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  4. Thanks for liking a few comments of mine recently on other posts.

    You’re a beautiful person, Saania…

    I know what it’s like to have a near-perfect-seeming childhood and then feel at times ill-equipped to deal with the world. I can’t really say how much. Just know that however hard it gets, you, for one, and your sparklyness, are making a big difference. At least you do, to me.

    Sorry to get all old-ladyish in this comment lol.
    Hoping for another one of your brilliant poems soon. 😊

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    1. Peaky Blinders.

      Bittersweet confusion hear again { treasuring both lites, cloud of mist } among headlines echo… {back in my day, mate.. juveniles ran the streets of geniside & slavery 2030- cheeky naughty RIP “We are traumatized, lost for words, heartbroken,” a gyne… mysterious blood-clotting complication – Hitler Roth- child Schickelburg is my answer, angels sent me #62928 Ban; lets start back with Auschwitz ending in Birkenau’s 2 Beech Forest ghetto… Were are these places now- Fret abret; a child that is among gods beauty- the eternal plague of virus here.

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      cherry tree..

      sarcastic joking poured. Bless her – Honouring worldly :

      -Fumm3 Midi Aqua Pleuve- Dec. Sat.. 2020

      Tell me: Don’t,

      Loved the closing lines of the verse and I quote: ” .” vivid painted 6am lovely dream


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