What is the purpose of life?

It’s a question that I often wonder about, why are we here? What even is life? Is it a long vacation? What is even the purpose?

So I thought about it, one evening, deliberating upon the true purpose of life and why we are all here.
Imagine you are on a long vacation. We start, have fun, and then it ends. Now isn’t life something like that?
In my view, life is all about discovering who we are, exploring ourselves, and finding what we are good at, a long time period where we discover ourselves- who we really are.
We must try to be the best at what we like to do, constantly improving ourselves.

However, if we just spend all the time improving and improving, in the end we will say, this was it, the purpose of my life was just improving, and that can be a bit boring. So it is important that we also enjoy the time spent improving. Then the purpose of our life will be enjoying the moment and being better and better in what we love to do.

It is also important to think carefully about what we actually want to do in life and what we want to be the best at. Sometimes our heart tells us we want to do something. However, our hearts often tell us instant feelings which are only feelings we have at that point of time. Listen to our heart but also listen to our brain, which is the logical part of us. And that is where parents come in. Or basically anyone who can guide us and who has already experienced life and can give us advice.

Along with trying to be the best at what we do, I also wondered what actually makes us a better person?
Along with an enjoyable life, it’s important to be a good person. So I came up with these things that I think can make me or maybe anyone a better person:

1. Always listen to your parents, they deserve the absolute best from you. 
2. Take responsibilities, for example be ahead of class in school and study hard
3. Always have a positive mind- if something goes wrong, it is normal, it’s just a bad   day, not a bad life.
4. Always be curious – ask questions, discover the world around you.
5. Always believe in yourself. Have self confidence because you know you can do it.
6. Try to be the best at what you do
7. And lastly, always have a smile on your face- Don’t let the little things in life irritate you. If life gives you a 100 reasons to be upset, show life that you have got a 1000 reasons to smile because everyday might not be good but there is something good in every day.





13 thoughts on “What is the purpose of life?

    1. Yes…I guess I sort of said that from my perspective but you are absolutely right. There are many people who excel in other activities outside of school, and this point is for some people whose that one thing might be studies…but you are 100% right, whatever you really enjoy doing, be it singing, dancing, or really anything, take responsibility in that and be the best at that.
      And as for studies and work, just balance it out but still never leave your true passion.
      That’s a better way of putting it and your opinion is highly appreciated 🙂

      Thank – you!

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  1. About point no. 1 : Listening and going with what your parents have to say isn’t always the right thing to do, I guess. I agree that they always want the very best of you. But sometimes they are unaware of what they are dealing with. Things changed a lot since their time. So better—as you said earlier in the post—go with your heart and brain. Nobody knows you better than your own self. 🙏

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  2. Life’s purpose is to multiple thyself, as many times as the certain circumstances allow this to be possible. “This is obvious” you may say, and you ‘ll be right and on the spot.

    Ps 1: Sometimes, when a thought “hits” me, i say to thyself : We are here to share the happiness and the sadness.

    Ps 2: The word “Τέλος | Telos”, in Greek, has a double meaning. The first meaning of the word is the “Purpose”, and the second one is the “End”. All in one package !


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